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Where is Justice, Truth and Righteousness in the world?

Updated on February 9, 2016

Leaders are responsible for the pathetic situation of the world!

Anger and rebellion is rising against many leaders around the world for their silence to tackle the evils of society. In fact, almost all the leaders have failed to deliver the basic necessities of life to their citizens. Some of them are engaged in their own personal agenda, trying to keep their position safe. Hence they use their armies to fight the citizens who raise their voice against the leaders for their maladministration. In fact, it is the very leaders who are responsible for the wars and terrorism in their own countries. At one time or other, they helped some radicals to foment troubles in some regions of their country for political reasons. The US, USSR and many countries in the Arabian Peninsula have adopted such tactics for commercial consideration and ‘oil exploration’. It is one main avenue for flourishing economy! Many countries have rich sources of oil in their region. But, due to incessant wars, many of the oil wells have become defunct. Now the terrorists are holding control of many oil sources for their covert operations.

The colonial regime is the forerunner for all these conflicts. Many third world countries were once rich in many resources. The Western countries, on the pretext of trade, slowly entered the lands, illegally occupied some regions and started wielding their power of might and adopting the ‘divide and rule policies. They have swallowed the entire country on one pretext or other. India is one such country which suffered alien rule for almost two centuries. Most of the natural resources were looted as ‘raw materials’ and we were forced to accept the finished goods at exorbitant prices. Thus India suffered on both ways. When such atrocities reached the maximum, silent revolts started and culminated in Non-Cooperation movement and burning of imported ‘mill cloths’. Mahatma Gandhi started spinning cotton cloths by using “charkas”, hand operated spinning wheels. Thus the “Khadi movement” gained prominence as a part of “self-rule” to avoid dependency on foreign cloths.

The British government has failed to perceive the tenacity of people of India and the might of Truth against mighty weapons such as guns and barrels. Since it is an honest attempt, more and more people joined freedom movement, leaving the comforts of their homes, many people who are employed in high posts, resigned their job and joined Gandhi in the struggle to obtain “Independence”. After a prolonged ‘home rule movement, the British Empire conceded Independence to India. Now the same illegal dominance over poor countries spells lot of troubles to once mighty empire. Now UK is facing enormous problems in many fronts like economy, unrest, unemployment and terrorism.

The world is now reeling under many pressures due to protracted wars on terrorism. The refugee problem is one of the greatest for many European countries. Many countries are sealing their borders against the entries of lot of refugees from war torn Iraq and Syria. In South Asia also, terrorism is taking a lot of toll on daily basis. Afghanistan has become the most unsafe region due to terrorist activities. Now, no leader is really able to tackle the problems of their own countries, leave aside their contribution in global level. The United Nations exists for name sake. None is co-operating or funding the efforts of UN. The UN depends on the funds from all the countries. The UN Security Council has become a ‘bone of contention’. Only five countries wield power there. Thus, the voice and opinion of many third world countries do not matter there. Illegal interference in the affairs of sovereign countries, whatever may be the provocation has dented the powers of UN. Many bombing missions take place without the express sanction of the Security Council. Hence the UN has become a sad spectator to many transgressions by major countries.

In the media, we read only negative news in all the pages. TV news schedules depict only bombings, killings, terrorism, natural calamities again and again. Positive news reports are relegated to fourth or fifth ages and they occupy little space compared the FrontPage news. Thus the positive vibes are doused the world over by print media. The media both print and visual is responsible for much unrest in the world. For commercial viability and cut throat competition, the media too has stooped to very low level. People talk about press freedom everywhere. But they are not aware that the print and visual media foment communal troubles in many places. The social media never lags behind the print and visual media. Their only concern is ‘advertisements’. When the readership increases, the advertisement revenue too increases proportionately. Hence, morality and righteousness has been relegated to the back seat. Money and muscle power has become the real powers everywhere!

Hence Truth and love has become only words of dictionary. Some rare souls practice truth and love as their own breath. Because of the few good people, rainfall happens for the entire area!

It is all politics!


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