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Where is Justice in the present day world?

Updated on September 2, 2017

The law is rigid...

Where is Justice?

Where is Justice, every concerned common man cries? In this materialistic world of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, how can we expect the justice system in safe hands? I don’t find fault in judiciary or the big codes and criminals laws which guide the judge regarding the culpability of an individual. The one truth about law is, it engenders rigidity and do not bloom out of love. Though the people who collated the various laws applicable in a society, they have forgotten that sometimes, the innocents are punished. Why the governments formulate various policies? It is mainly for the electoral politics. But the leaders will always blabber that they are for the welfare of the common man! Even in a most democratic rule, it is the common man who suffers due to various policies of government. When a party has absolute majority in legislative assemblies or Parliament their policies, sail through easily and a law is enacted based on the policy. Whether it is a flawed one or detriment to common man is not at all considered! When the particular law will gather more votes or not is the only criterion. Hence, most of the majority governments in the world tend to become autocratic after coming to powers. It is power politics and a weak poor individual can never hope to contest such wrong policies of the government. At best, they may hold protest marches, slogan shouting and blocking the roadways. They will be dealt by the law enforcement agencies and arrested. Hence it has been a failure everywhere whenever the common man wants to protest!

I am for Truth...

Governments having absolute majority can enact any law for political gains!

Actually, the ‘Demonetization of Indian currencies of Rs.1000 and Rs.500/ were brought up with good intention of curbing black money, money laundering and corrupt people around! But, the end result seems the opposite. When new currencies were introduced into the system, the government faced bogus currencies even in newly introduced denominations. This is the age of technology and criminals are more sophisticated than the government authorities. Hence in this internet age, everything is vulnerable. We have watched the US election with interest. What transpired finally is out of guess of most of the media people. Till the eleventh hour, Hilary had an edge over Trump. Now it is history. The internet has played its own game and Trump turned the table at the end! The world was astonished at the sudden turn of events. There was some theory that Russia intervened in the poll secretly to enable Trump to reach the goalpost. But none can prove it. In politics everything happens and nothing is improbable! But in every election in any country, there are negative votes cast by many disgruntled individual voters against the existing regime. There are more possibilities of such negative votes to Trump! Yes, with clear majority, Trump wants to change many things the previous President lodged. Obama care is one such policy which is the contentious issue so far as Trump is concerned. Ultimately, it is the fate of the people which decides the mindset of leaders. Many wars could have been averted, many calamities could have been stopped by leaders who are upright, true and consider the welfare of the citizen as the topmost priority! Of course, in the present day world, it is not possible and practicable! There is a proverb in India “In a country of nude persons, the man who had clothes on will be a lunatic. Hence to expect goodness and virtue in the present day rulers is a mirage in desert.

Martin Luther King...

Lawyers are very clever to get acquittals to their criminal clients!

A clever lawyer can get acquittal to a diehard criminal who had committed many atrocities against the poor and destitute! Law has become ‘low’ and many in the profession practice clever lying to hoodwink the Judges! The courts were supposed to be seats of Justice. But sadly, there are many criminal and corruption charges against some of the Officers of Justice. Hence some rare cases were tried in the highest courts and some Officers resigned from their posts as face saving measures.

Corruption has become a cancerous growth in society and it pervades all levels of authorities. From the lowest post in government offices to the highest posts in bureaucrats were tried in many cases of corruption and nepotism. Some were convicted after long trial and their ill gotten wealth and properties seized by Enforcement Directorate. The cases pertained to some Chief Ministers and their families. Some Chief Ministers in India underwent imprisonment, though they enjoyed first class facilities in jail. It was like a rest house for them without the interruption from family and followers! Though justice prevailed after a trial that lasts for even twenty years, some have undergone imprisonment after long delays. This delay is attributable to political pressures and no bureaucrat can hold against such high pressures forever. Some Judges recues themselves from such high voltage cases fearing personal and family safety!

As long as there is corruption in the system, there is no empowerment of common citizen. The top leaders of any political system anywhere must be transparent, honest and trustworthy of people. When they assume office, they no longer belong to any party but they are the guardians of public. They must become tolerant to all dissent voices and they should not hesitate to solve any problem, even if it pertains to people from opposing mentalities! Morality and righteousness is lacking everywhere. This is the reason for the present conditions of the world societies.

Thus said PM Modi!


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