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Where is King Trump Taking America?

Updated on May 22, 2019

In case you have not heard, America has a king. We no longer have a president that represents ALL people, we have a king that represents his business and family first, his 40% base supporters, second, and lastly, his subjects, Americans.

Like many Americans in 2016, I gave Trump my vote because of Clinton. Right or wrong, this decision has turned into a nightmare for all of us. I hoped Trump would change things to a modest degree but not this.

Trump's DNA

It is clear that despite his actual age, he still acts like a macho jerk or asshole when faced with real opposition, whether its calling people names, lying about the truth, refusing to cooperate, and thinking he actually IS above the law because he wants to be a king. This part of his personality was well hidden back in 2016, although, there were clues.

Because Trump truly admires monarch rule, he hopes to emulate this following in the footsteps of Putin or Xi. The danger with this staunch position and narcissistic belief is what is happening now. Trump is challenging the U.S. Congress' oversight as stated in the U.S. Constitution.

There are three equal branches of government. Trump is doing his best by just saying No. Congress has won two federal court cases about what they want from Trump, each one is being appealed by Trump. He conduct acts of obstruction all the time by instructing those under subpoena NOT to cooperate and NOT appear. Who knows what else he is doing in secret?

The Danger

These actions by Trump are setting a precedence for future U.S. presidents. How will the Republicans react if a Democrat is president and follows the same pattern, or another Republican? Trump refuses to even work with Congress on other issues, such as, energy or infrastructure, as long as Congress is investigating his presidency. With out the Congress, nothing will get done as Trump wants before 2020.

Trump cannot be allowed to act as a king, or a man above the law. The three branches of government were designed to prevent this and Trump is challenging the U.S. Constitution, which can only end one way: Trump will lose.

Trump's Cover-up

Although the Mueller report did clear Trump of collusion with Russia based upon the evidence found (this is not to say it did not happen), it clearly did not vindicate Trump of wrongdoing with regards to obstruction with some 10 known accounts where conclusions vary. Trump clearly obstructs all the time without even thinking about it because his mindset is akin to a king or mafia boss. This may worked before he was elected for business, but not as POTUS.

The Trump cover-up is there. His actions speak volumes. His attacks upon those making accusations. His disregarding the subpoenas from the Congress. His instructions to those under subpoena NOT to cooperate or go to the hearing under the disguise of some legality term that was waived long ago. His declaration stating that he will not work with Congress on anything until they stop investigating for impeachment.

The real question is: what is Trump hiding and so terrified to go to all these lengths to hide them, to challenge those seeking the truth? My guess is that there will be many questionable business activities and ethics before 2016. They will be criminal to some degree and may involve money laundering via Deutsche Bank, which Trump has tried to prevent releasing his financial records. This bank had to pay $10 million in fines when it lost a U.S case for many questionable business irregularities. It is the same bank that gave Trump $2 Billion in loans when no other bank would because Trump had lost over $1 billion in the 90s.

Plenty of suspicions abound because the more Trump tries to prevent the truth in coming out, the more the average person and even Trump supporters will ask: Why? If you truly are innocent of wrongdoing, there is nothing to hide. We all know that to be true.

King Trump is taking America down a dark, ugly, path that will rise to the U.S. Supreme Court to decide. Congress will not wait that long to impeach, should they fail, one can hear Trump vindicate himself. But it will be because his Republican Senate was too chicken to impeach their own, not because they think Trump is truly innocent, that would too far from the truth.

If Trump is re-elected, America is doomed.


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