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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Updated on February 20, 2017


Whatever we use becomes waste. Use less. Be clean.
Whatever we use becomes waste. Use less. Be clean. | Source

The Rubber Tree

While traveling to Thailand last February I was delighted to see much camaraderie with community members, such high respect for their government and a thorough dependence on their God ideals. After a month of traveling and experiencing their community I read a book about Thailand in general. A lot of the information talked about the map, communities, culture but there was a shocking chapter on the sex industry. It talked about prostitution, sex slavery and drug use. Drug use is something that is pretty household friendly now in America, but sex slavery? Never. Maybe we get married and have a stay at home wife, but we would never allow our country to be known for allowing or accepting massive sex slavery, especially involving children. Thankfully, with education and evolution it seems to be something that is becoming an active effort to help. There are children homes all over to protect and help children that may have lost their mother and/or father from military, violence or other issues.

One of these children's homes is where me and my son stayed. We went over to help teach English to Baan Dada's Childrens Home where I have volunteered and learned about for the past ten years. I brought a syllabus and was expecting to see some mourning children that had a lot of behavioral and emotional issues. I was surprised. When we showed up it was s very different experience. Although the children were half dressed in very dirty clothing (they had one clean water spout for the whole village and one half working washer and dryer) and running allover the community, they were not unhappy. They did not seem to have any emotional or behavioral issues. They seemed pretty self sufficient, grateful and happy. Although they seemed to be at the Childrens home to prepare to go out into the world and be free, they wanted to become educated and experienced only to stay and spend the rest of their lives returning their favor to their dada (Ricardo Zoleta)

Throughout the community there were rubber trees with poorly duct taped tin foil containers that were holding drips of rubber. I asked what they were for and they were a means of suffiency for the home. These seemingly hundreds of trees grabbed drips of rubber that were then sold to maybe big companies for probably a fraction of what it was worth (I think I spend a couple hundred per tire on my vehicle!) The profit of another individual did not matter. They were doing their job and they were surviving and reasonably happy because of it.

This to me was where I realized, that was it. Reasonable happiness. People use nowadays because we need or want more. We aren't happy so instead of asking ourselves why and changing our life, we call it depression and a doctor gives us a pill and we change nothing. Sometimes it results in suicide and everyone wonders why. Or God forbid we have a good day and then a bad day, maybe we are then labeled bi-polar. There is a bunch of stress in America that causes anxiety. Instead of praying about it or using meditation or techniques, we pop pills and drink caffeine and eat sugar and then ask our doctor for a pill to cure it. Which only adds to the mental, spiritual,behavioral and emotional problems we had in the first place.

Kids in Thailand that have seem their parents slaughtered in front of them by militants, wear dirty clothing for days, eat nothing but white rice and whatever they grow in their garden and then sleep on a floor and they are happy.

Kids allover the world seem to have different cultures, views, etc....Kids in France seem much more relaxed. Just yesterday at a hotel I saw a 6 and 7 year old who were left at the resort while their parents left to go get a rental car. In America it is against the law to be 15 feet from your parent or guardian (NYS OCFS). Whereas here in Costa Rica, families are tight but also relaxed.

However, the more developed the person or environment there is one contingency and common denominator across the board. In the absence of physical illness, there is a much more proficiency for mental, spiritual or emotional disease. Maybe because we "get to" cry more, we "get to" spend more, we "get to" use more. I do not know why and perhaps will never.

Global Addiction

How does addiction (need to use something) effect you?

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Varieties of Addiction

Once physical health has been obtained in developed countries, it seems that some sort of disease has resurfaced in the emotional, mental or even spiritual forms, such as, addiction.

Addiction is usually a substance or behavior that someone uses compulsively in spite of consequences in order to achieve some sort of effect. It is usually accompanied with denial (don't even know they lie) and manipulation.

Some religious leaders have mentioned, especially with the use of alcohol, that these real life spirits possess the inhabitant,clear their inhibitions and maybe their own consciousness. More often we see that this personality, character and spirit possession occurs with anything from alcohol, RX or other drugs (the body of an addicted person does not know the difference between a RX or not)

Addiction knows no boundaries

3 of these men probably had some sort of addiction problem.  Untreated mental illness found in the veteran population is a huge problem in America today.
3 of these men probably had some sort of addiction problem. Untreated mental illness found in the veteran population is a huge problem in America today.


The good thing is

Though not responsible for becoming addicted, one is responsible (has ability) for their recovery unlike many other illnesses

Addicts usually have special aptitudes and abilities

There is a way out and many free, simple (not easy) methods that work such as 12 step programs

There is a God and I (or you) am not it

There is a life beyond your wildest dreams when you are clean and sober


If you or someone you know are addicted

You will die prematurely if not treated

You will miss out on a full life otherwise lived if treated

Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful- can reform in other substances, behaviors and...gulp, relationships

Progressive and fatal. Across the board.

You cannot outwit addiction.

The war is over. We lost. Stop fighting. Choose a different path.


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