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Where to Invade Next movie night - sponsored by Micheal Moore June 2016 (an activist recap)

Updated on June 9, 2016

Re-Cap of the MoveOn Movie night- June 2016

That’s right, like the title said: A Where to Invade Next movie night was hosted by Micheal Moore on June 2nd, 2016. While he had help from over 400 individual members of the non-profit organization MoveOn, he supplied the party favors, the movie itself free to participants. One part of the documentary film maker being involved with this group is his personal point of view about our country’s political system. Also, the need to continue to ensure freedoms and privilliages our citizens need. As a Bernie Sanders supporter, he announced his endorsement for the senator months ago. Since, he has been helping to fundraise through MoveOn, by offering his movie and a match donation to the group. The movie night was a place where the ordinary MoveOn member, opened their home to other members to have a film review and discussion time about politics and the Democratic agenda in 2016.

The movie night brought together over 17,000 people in living rooms and community centers around the country. The work of MoveOn is just beginning. The brainstorming of ideas about how to make change and ensure freedoms to others has just begun. Micheal Moore’s film is a good place to start to fathom the need to hope for America. For those who have not seen it, I have included a movie trailer and Amazon store link inside my article. For those who have seen the movie, the topics are easy to understand as this amazing use of videography shows Micheal doing the same thing: going world wide into people’s homes to ask how they live. What is it that makes people across the world different form other countries? How is it that it is our government making regulations over our lives that effects if we are happy or well off or equal to others?

Personal Background of an Activist

I just want to get into a bigger recap as a MoveOn member, and activist here for a moment. If anyone reading this has never seen a Micheal Moore movie, you will find his style unique and one of a kind. In his previous films he dealt with problems in the commercialized healthcare system. I was once a paitent on a Humana healthcare account under my parent’s employment, which I have all grown out of now. But, the hi-price cost of hospitalizations which Humana commonly dropped its paitents leaving hundreads of thousands of doctor and hospital bills for its clients to pay was outrageous. Something similar happened to my grandfather, although he was a VA member, not a Humana member. The bill his family was left with, over half a million dollrs, left him to sell his home and prized possesions. I am sure it has happened to many others too.

For the reason of what happened in mine and my family’s healthcare, I have always been a big supporter of Obama Care. For the fact healthcare companies can no longer charge away your ownership of real estate property and other assets by refusing to pay hospital bills. It really left my aging family members on the verge of owning nothing, and I too was refused coverage at a much lesser expense. Anyone who tells me Obama Care is not fair, I just want to ask if they had a close relative with over half million dollars in hospital bills for an unexpected illness? Because there was a need for the Federal Government to make change to our healthcare laws for reasons like this and additional needs also. Which lead to not an individual federal law, or by case supported lawsuits but by an act called the Affordable Care Act.

Where to Invade Next, the movie

Where to Invade Next is a movie that encourages me when I remember how many years ago it was that the director, Michael Moore, was demanding change for healthcare. Now he is demanding we invade into other countries to find what works to fix our countries problems. He deals with the Justice System, Federal Student Loan Debt, Workers Benefits, The problems of Global War and the list goes on. In the end of the movie Michael walks along side of a historical place that symbolizes the end of a Communist Russia- the area left of the Berlin Wall. This is how big the unfairness of certain topics needing reform are. How can Americans plan to live their lives without knowing about the regulations the government imposes. I should say just like so many other millions of Americans, I too have student loan debt.

In my prediction of my own student loan debt, in completing a BA and Master’s degree alone will cost me at least $70,000. At the current moment, I am half way through my BA degree in Political Science and at a debt near $20,000. (You can see the comparison of student loan debt by country in my added chart.) This debt does not entitle me to own a home, drive around in a new car, or even give me complete references to get the great job I need to go on and finance those extras in life that most Americans in the upper class call a necessity. It does let me earn a degree, and hope for a better future. I also think that free higher education in this country would be much appreciated as an asset to allow the next generation to know more about the ones behind it. That’s why I got involved to invite complete strangers into my home, who were also MoveOn members.

While the topics of student loan debt were not the only ones discussed in this film. It was one issue I can identify with, just like the need for mandatory maternity leave. Our Justice System issue brought up an interesting understanding of Voter’s Rights as well. How it is that non-violent criminals who have had a conviction of drug related offense have lost their privilege to vote? Were they just trying to escape the chaotic demands of society, and instead ended up with no right to say anything about it? For that matter I am glad that the State of Maryland has presented Voter’s Rights to over 20,000 former felony conviction case individuals in 2016.

The work of MoveOn members

I had about half a dozen local members join me to watch the film Where to Invade Next on June2, 2016. In preparation the director gave a pep talk to the hosts who were offering their hospitality to open a discussion forum to find out what else can be done to change our political system. The talk at my house lasted about 30 minutes. Everyone there agreed on free college as a great idea. No one even brought up the challenge of paying for it. One woman had a grown daughter about my age, she said repaying those loans is difficult for her child. I know I will trying to do this in another 5 years myself.

Another member Joe, sent me an email- with his permission I am quoting Joe,

Trickle down

Here’s an explanation of trickle-down economics, the centerpiece of Tea Party politics.

Politicians give the rich huge tax cuts, which greatly reduces their contribution to “wasteful” social projects such as nonpoisonous water and education.

The rich pocket most of this and spend the rest to elect politicians who will deregulate their business activities, which allows them to pollute at will, gouge and swindle their customers and exploit their workers. The jobs they do create with their additional wealth are few, and they’re mostly low-wage, slave-labor jobs.

Trickle-down is very good for business! But who got left out? Just about everybody else!” - Joe, Texas MoveOn member, June 2016

So there we go. A great night to socialize with other democrats. And a great way to understand that the issues of the 2016 election are real. The future generations will have or will not have things by how our new leaders regulate the governing power for them. Will college be free? Will healthcare be free? Preparing the next generation with more tools is more than just free stuff, it’s a plan to leaving them to answer their next generation. Will the war in the Middle East ever end? Can anyone in this country do a better job than Obama? Only 5 months now, until the general election in November, but MoveOn members are staying active and opening up more communication.

To learn more please visit:

Micheal Moore, American Movie Director

American film director, Micheal Moore, from his latest movie Where to Invade Next.  Founding solutions for our National political errors.
American film director, Micheal Moore, from his latest movie Where to Invade Next. Founding solutions for our National political errors. | Source

Higher Education by country

Chart showing higher education costs by country.  One topic in Where to Invade to Next: the price of American Student Loan Debt.
Chart showing higher education costs by country. One topic in Where to Invade to Next: the price of American Student Loan Debt. | Source

Movie trailer of Where to Invade Next (2015)

Where to Invade Next Micheal Moore 2016


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