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Human Rights of Patients on Methadone - Where Are We?

Updated on August 27, 2012


An association of ex-addicts in Serbia, is battling an battle that seem endless and eternal with no win at the end! Win should represent giving human rights to those who are - literally "FORGOTTEN" in Serbia.
An association of ex-addicts in Serbia, is battling an battle that seem endless and eternal with no win at the end! Win should represent giving human rights to those who are - literally "FORGOTTEN" in Serbia. | Source

Being in the shadow - always

Who want's it ?

- Who is born with wish to be an addict? No one! Who wants to be an addict? No one! That's the answer to those who say that opiate/drug addiction is not an decease or illness!?

Please help me, because I don't know - personally - anyone who waned to be an addict. Is there anyone? So, when that "other side" says: "They are not ill, they did that to them self ! " , so in that case that could be said for fat people, for people with fractures, for every single patient, a sick person, that did something that caused (triggered) decease.

What concerns me is...

- How come that we became so cold? I mean, back in 20's , 30's until 70's - there was a lot better health care - without any new high-technologies. How people turned so crude? They do not have any empathy with those that have an problem of addiction. Back in those times, for example, in U.K - treatment with "free medicine heroin" (actually an diacetyl-morphine assisted treatment, a lot superior vs. methadone one) was something totally normal. Addicts would come, if they had any troubles with treatment on their current substitute, and they could get the right treatment. THE RIGHT WAR AGAINST DRUGS IS THE RIGHT TREATMENT!

- Also, when it comes to the rights of those on treatment, nobody could ask You - from Your employers to quit, or to fire You, just because You are on O.S.T (opiate substitution treatment). Now, in these days, some countries, even have an whole database register of those on methadone, or some opioid. - Those, do NOT have a chance for employment - and with that comes, no chance for a normal life!Forget about NA/AA meetings, when these people are marked even with going on to them! I mean, You can stay clean for 10 years, when You are

The most common diagnosis for drug addiction in Serbia : death!

The second shot :

Everyone deserves it!

- Everyone deserve a second shot, right? But not we! Not we on methadone, or any other opiate-substitution treatment. We, we are no one, and nothing to the society and we "just cost" the tax payers.

- No one, of those who thinks like that, haven't thought about the fact that it can "catch" their child/children, their cousin - or even them self! Addiction doesn't choose! It can be someone from suburbs, trough the presidential family, to those on street.

- My question is, why countries as Serbia - with among those with highest rate of unemployment don't act fast, and make programs of employment of ex-addicts, to prove them-self's and to gain work experience. Also, it could be an huge, and right - "re-socialization" program for us. We don't ask for anything special, all we ask is - give us something beside 60 years old treatment( methadone ) . It makes no logic for everyone to react on same way like everyone else. For example, imagine that everyone reacts same on penicillin.
There is severe , serious danger from using penicillin on someone who reacts (read: is intolerable) to it. It is literally the same with using OST(O.R.T) opiate replacement treatment, the only difference is - You die slowly and painfully, without any dignity or anything that You were before Your diagnose of addiction!

Do I think something will change? - Well, I hope that at least someone that knows some high-representative in EU or Russia, to appeal strongly, to push and insist strongly on implementing new therapies in Serbia for addiction, for new medicines that CAN and WILL be used in Serbia - because, addicts in Serbia have three options : endless trying with antagonistic approach (until You O.D - overdose) and then You maybe get the Opiate Replacement Treatment - only with methadone. Other option is, after several exhausting antagonistic approach of diagnose



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