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Where's the Free Aid for Americans?

Updated on October 23, 2010

Other countries are always in crisis in some way, and it's widely broadcasted on the American news.  Hurricanes in Haiti, typhoons in Taiwan, tsunamis in Singapore.  Regardless of what it is, we get to hear about it.

The real crisis, in my opinion, is that America is always so quick to send free aid to other countries but doesn't seem to have much interest in providing the same "care" to its own people.  America sent millions (or billions?) of dollars in "free" aid to Haiti in the form of medical supplies, food and water, military support, and medical personnel to render the aid needed.  Absolutely free of charge to Haitians.

I don't begrudge the people of Haiti, or any other country, this type of aid and service...but what does stick in my craw is the fact that there are people of all ages, particularly the very young and very old, within America's own borders who do not have any type of medical care at all and cannot get it.  Especially not free.

Free clinics?  Sure...but what do they actually provide?  They'll hand out condoms all day long, but when it comes to actually providing medical care to someone in need, forget it.  They will check your vitals and refer you to a doctor who won't see you because you don't have medical insurance.

More and more employers today are not providing health insurance coverage to employees because of the cost to the company.  Some companies, like Walmart, will predominantly hire part-time employees so they can avoid providing insurance and other benefits (this may not be a corporate "policy" but it certainly is a standard of operation at my not-so-friendly neighborhood Walmart, and the store manager has even stated it quite specifically).

People who do have a company that offers insurance often have mitigating circumstances that prevent them from being able to pay the insurance deductions.  The family rate of most plans is three times the single rate, so a working parent with even one child at home ends up facing deductions of $50 per paycheck or more.  For many people, that's a tank of gasoline to get back and forth to work between's a few days' worth of groceries...a couple packs of diapers.  Other expenses that are for simply existing take precedence.

Celebrities even have causes that support providing aid to impoverished children in third world countries, and there are networks and organizations (under the guise of being humanitarian) that do the same.  Do any of these "causes" ever advertise or espouse providing aid right here in their own backyard?  Of course not.

Despite the fact that there are starving and neglected children right next door that would vastly benefit from simple and relatively inexpensive medical care, or an elderly neighbor who is in need of certain medications to manage their ailments...does anyone care about this?  No, because it's far more "trendy" to pretend to be concerned about starving Ethiopians with distended bellies.

And why is that?  Because if you're caring about something a few thousand miles away, all you have to do is write a check each month to pat your sense of social humanitarianism on the back.


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    • sarasca profile image

      sarasca 7 years ago from Bristol, VA

      LindaJM: The mostly likely reason is because it's easier to "care" about presumably humanitarian issues when you don't have to stare them in the face every day. A starving mother of two on an American street corner is viewed as a lazy, drug-addicted beggar...but if it's a starving mother of two on the street corner of any other country, it becomes a "mission of mercy" to make sure she and her children are clothed and fed.

    • LindaJM profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 7 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      I too do not see why so much money is sent overseas when there are so many homeless and suffering people here in America.