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Which Cities in Sonoma County are Green and Pro-Environment?

Updated on May 14, 2011

According to the Sonoma County Conservation Action group that watches how members of the county board of supervisors and city councils, how a candidate acts after getting voted into office seems to change from the promises they make.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is made up of five members and is suppose to decide what is best for the County. Sonoma County is largely non-industrial and is more vineyard and recreational. What industry there is, is clean IT related type. From an environmental friendly and Green point of view, only Shirlee Zane is pro-environment. She is the lone staunch environmental supporter. Mike Kerns, Paul Kelley, and Efren Carrillo are pro business almost 100% of the time. Valerie Brown tends to walk the fence between the environment and business.

Thus, when voting to protect the environment, most of the time the Board votes for business, unless Efren and Valerie defect to environmental issues. Neither can be counted on.

Of the cities within the county, Cloverdale, is nearly 90% pro-business when the two issues impact the city. Rohnert Park is nearly the same. The cities of Cotati, Healdsburg, Sebastopol and Sonoma almost always will put the environment before business in a vote.

Santa Rosa, 150,000, is the largest city, luckily, the city council has four staunch environmental members and three staunch  pro-business members. Its own mayor, retired police chief, Ernesto Olivares, is anti- environmental and receives an "F" on his voting record as well as listening to the people who voted him into office. John Sawyer and Jane Bender also receive F grades. Thus most of the time, unless a member switches sides, the environment will win.

Windsor is a mixed bag with voting usually leaning to the environment, but three of its members are middle of the road voters when it comes to the environment, which means, business can always win.

Petaluma is pro-environment with four of its voting members as staunch environmentalists. The remaining members are pro-business. Usually, environmental issues will win over the business unless defections occur.


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