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Which EU Law Are You Most Looking Forward to Losing?

Updated on April 10, 2017

EU law and Brexit... a frightening combination

The Brexit train roles on and on. It seems like this farce will never end; the good intentions of many Brexiters seem to be hijacked on a daily basis by politicians scrambling for glory on the backs of voters. This mixed with the never ending lies about immigration and 'taking back control' which are all now being picked apart and seem less and less likely to actually happen, make for a toxic couple of years, until all this mess is sorted out.

The basis of this blog is of course tongue in cheek with an undertone of fear and dread at what might actually happen with so much power in the hands of people who I am sure are not qualified to deal with it. But the simple fact is that EU law affects a lot of people's lives without them even knowing about it and now with Brexit looming the decision of which to keep and which to get rid of rest in the hands of ministers and civil servants who, and let's be honest, may not have us, the people's, greatest interests in mind.

But don't be sad we've now broken EU law supremacy, no longer can they tell us what to do and no longer will there law apply to us, finally our courts will not have to adhere to some faceless European monster telling us how to shape our bananas....however under the Great Repeal Bill, which hopes to incorporate the EU law into domestic law, 'we' get to pick and choose which ones we want... oh wait no we don't, as previously said, the power will restwith the government and ministers who are free to pick and choose (subject to err no one, but we did vote for them).

Will they choose the ones that keep our rights or will they take away more of our rights...? That is not for me to say I guess we just have to trust the government, I can hear the tea being spat across the screen as I type this... Yes you are correct I said.. 'trust the government'.

Here are a few of the laws that protected us but now lie in the balance. I will let you decide whether or not the Government will keep them:

Maternity and paternity leave-

Every women has a minimum of 14 weeks off work after birth and 2 weeks minimum before birth; this and the right to paternity leave is also a part of EU law that benefits us greatly which is now in the hands of the government (did I mention that). Let's not forget that it was 5 years after the signing of the Maastricht treaty that we actually implemented these minimums as the Government at the time opted out of implementation and now the power resides with them once again.


It seems like since Brexit we've become more and more tolerant of other nationalities well.. except that Spanish guy who was hit with a stick and those other attacks.

However, I digress:

Discrimination based on age, gender, race, and the list goes on is yet another piece of law that we have given the Government the right to fiddle with. Will they? Would it be political suicide? Are they really going to let us go back 50 years... I doubt it but what there is no doubt about is that fundamental labour laws are now open to change from a Government who ideologically despise the poor and have so far shown themselves to be weak and ineffective.

Paid leave and working week

Another labour law that affects us all (except those pesky immigrants who live on the dole and also paradoxically steal our job at the same time) is the right to 28 days of paid leave a year.

Would you like to work more than 48hrs a week well... with Brexit you might just have to, that's right another pesky EU law, limits the working week to a maximum of 48hrs but you can ask your employer to opt out if you would like. I wonder if when the Government changes this we will get the right to opt out of that..

European Health Insurance

Now a change of tone from heavy labour laws...We all love a gallivant across Europe and some of us get ill in the process.. why you decided to leave Great Britain now it has gained it's greatness back is beyond me. British holiday resorts for British people that is what I say. But you did.. and now with good ol' Brexit you can cut that EHIC in half, you won't be needing the Government to pay for any emergency medical situation you have in Europe after all Brexit has made us all rich since the NHS was collapsed and all the remaining major business moved off to Europe.

Freedom of movement

One more for good measure, and bear in mind that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our rights that are now being thrown into question. The big doubt that hangs over so many of us is that, we don't even know what our rights will be yet regarding free movement.

Although not a law per se that we will be 'losing' It is a big question and ether we keep it the way it is (and betray many voters) or we implement an immigration points system or any of the other ideas floating around but we are playing with fire regardless. Anything we suggest that adversely affects EU members will be used tit for tat by the EU against us, so being able to control immigration whilst allowing us to not have to get a visa every time we visit France is all up in the air and will hopefully be the first thing negotiated.

So which one do you look forward to losing or at least being altered by a Minister to the point where we start to think why did we vote for this again..?

But it is not all doom and gloom, Britain's Great again right? And we all trust our Government, whole heartedly, with our basic rights BUT we must always be careful, as whilst our backs are turned dealing with the EU the Spanish are trying to take Gibraltar! Quickly to arms!

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