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Which lives truly matters?

Updated on August 13, 2016

All lives matter

Everyone has been glued to the TV or the internet concerning the black lives matter movement. Of course there has been criticism and assumptions about the movement. What is strange to me is that everyone has an opinion and a right to express that opinion in a lawful and safe way. But what should not be tolerated is the act of violence against anyone one who may have a different viewpoint than you.

The black live movement is not the problem, the whites are not the problem. The problem is a system that is broken and have benefited from all races fighting each other. What is important to not her is that the police shootings of innocent black men might have been avoided if there were a system in place that is fair towards all people. A system that will not hesitate to investigate properly and execute punishments to police officers that abuse their power. Equally a criminal system that is fair and balance in its approach in fighting crime in our community.

When you look at the Martin Luther king marches in the 1960s you will find all races of people in that march. Why? Because there were white people that understood the true meaning of democracy and without joining together we would all succeed. So let us remember that all lives matter regardless of race in this country. People came together because they didn't favor the injustice that was being done to people of color. Many people black and white gave their lives for the cause of liberty. What is so important to note is that many southern whites at that time didn't believe that blacks were being mistreated at all. Southern white believed that blacks enjoyed their role as second class citizens.

Our country has come a long way as far as race relations but we also have a long way to go. I want you to think about what I'm about to convey: Just because you are a police officer doesn't make them immune to racial bias. Wearing a badge and sworn to up hold the law doesn't mean that you do not have prejudice in your heart. Just because you are a black/white doesn't make you innocent of racial bias. But never forget that there is a history of bigotry and hatred towards a group of people in this country and it must be addressed. That being said; do not let it divide us. If we fight together we will win together. If we fail, let us do that together as well.


The Facts!

Let's look at the facts of how Americans view the black lives matter movement.

According to the Pew Research Center Survey which was done Feb 29th-May 8th 2016, Nearly 4-in-10 Americans support the BLM movement. While 1-in-5 Americans oppose it.Among white democrats under 30 years of age supports the movement compared to 20% of white republicans. It is worth noting that out of 3-in10 whites over the age of 50 have not even heard of the movement. About an third of Americans say that they do not understand the goal of the movement.

In my opinion; Even though you can see that though the movement is a powerful platform for change and a cry for new laws to protect citizens from unlawful police brutality, many people still express concern of the movement de to lack of understanding.

What do you think?

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