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White Power/Black Lives

Updated on August 22, 2017

Black and White

Let us get to the jest of it right off the bat, shall we. Everyday on the major "news" channels we all see reports of conflicts between whites and blacks. This "news" is thrust into our living rooms, computer screens, smart phones and even the radio. It is a deluge of hate filled speech and propaganda designed to boil the blood and press their agenda. So, I stress from this point on, think for yourselves and make decisions based on research and thought.

Their are two basics camps in this racist little world of theirs. The question is. Does it come down to race at all? I believe partly so, yes. What I think it really comes down to is the fact that both sides see their selves in the other. Although they would never admit to this even under threat of death.

First, both sides black and white have the same basic living conditions. In general. On one side you have a group that primarily lives in mobile home parks or out in rural areas away from population. Rarely, it seems actually take care of their property, housing and vehicles. If they have vehicles at all. The property is often dilapidated and run down. Vehicles left in the yard broken and unattended. The thought of actually "fixing up the place" has not ever dawned on the occupants. And why not? It is paid for mostly by the tax dollars of other hard working Americans.

On the other side of the things we have a group of people that live much the same way. Mostly in the suburban areas in government housing. Stack one upon the other in towering buildings that are not cared for in the same manor as the mobile home. They tend to be run down and neglected by the occupants. Vehicles are run down and left to die on blocks in some waste land. Why? once again a lot of what they "have" is bought with hard working American tax dollars.

Both sides in large masses sell illegal drugs to make money. Steal vehicles. Robbery and social security fraud run rampant amongst both groups. The rate of arrest and conviction is staggering. And of course, it is never their fault. It seems they work harder not to work then to work. The excuses they use range from "I had to drop of school" to "I cant get a job because of my color". Sitting around scamming and waiting for the monthly government check seems to be the past time of each.

At this point. I dare say most readers are fuming for one side or the other. I ask you again to think for your selves and truly use what you have seen and experienced in your lives.

The education level of a majority of both sides is highly uneducated. They both tend to drop out of school early and of course blame it on the other. Or they blame it on the "rough" life they have to live. On both sides this type of behavior seems to be passed down from generation to generation. This behavior will continue until their thoughts and views of the world changes. The "free" handouts need to stop as well.

Both races are content to live out their meager existences. Living off of the other Americans. Until, some one with high education comes along that is unhappy with our great country and would like to make a name for themselves. Both sides will hear the same hate fill, propagandized spew. Whipping them into a hate filled color rage. The only thing that changes is the color of the skin! This holds true with "news" stations as well. They will push what propaganda suits them at the time. By the way. Media outlets should REPORT the news, not dictate what side is correct or incorrect. That alone negates any trust you can or should have in a media outlet. Think for yourselves!

All you have to do is watch both sides while they are face to face in some propagandized conflict. It does not matter what the conflict is. It will be turned into a hate filled racial spewing match on both sides. Violence will begin shortly after. Once both sides break down into their true nature. They will begin fighting, vandalism, looting the local Wal-Mart. Carrying off televisions, radios and of course the X-Boxes. After all, you can't fight racism without a 55" flat screen or training on your new video game, right? They will eventually attack the police. Who are there to protect them from their selves. And their own stupidity. They preach, yell, bleat, and moo anything racist they can while in the process of telling the reporters how good they are and how bad the racist enemy is.

Both sides. Far right and far left are essentially the same. Most of the ones causing the violence in the streets and against other Americans are one in the same. Regardless of the color of their skin. They hate their lives and the world they live in because they are too lazy to work and expect the world at large to care for them. The excuse used of course is race.

America is still a great country. We have great people of all colors, shapes and sizes. They are born across our great country from the poorest to the richest families. You can still become whatever you wish if you try hard enough and aspire to greatness. Do not let race fog your emotions and judgement in life. We have enough hatred coming to us from overseas. Remember. You can and should think for your self. What others matter should not change what you know is right or wrong. And do not let history be erased under any condition. "Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it". The past is not always pretty but we can and should learn from it.


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