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Is There Such A Thing As White Privilege?

Updated on June 11, 2015

White Privilege!

Many white people, don’t think there is anything called white privilege. They think it’s just, “those black people whining and playing the victim”. They believe, everyone one is treated the same way in this country, regardless of race or status. Some white people, know this is not true. That’s why, during the protests, over rash of shootings and killings, of unharmed black men, by white cops. We saw white and black Americans, hand in hand, protesting against those shootings, together.

Example of white privilege

The video at the end of this hub, shows an example of white privilege, that many white people take for granted, and usually don’t have to worry about, which is why they think that, black people are complaining about nothing, when they complain about white privilege.

The Experiment

The video, shows an experiment by a white male and his wife, who is shooting the video. They wanted to see, what would happen, if a white male openly, carried a firearm in public vs what would happen, if a black male, openly carried a firearm in public. They start by, having the white husband, walk the streets carrying an AR-15 assault rifle, in the open carry state of Oregon.

What happens next!

Shortly, a white police officer stops his car, gets out and approaches the white husband, and asks can he see his Id. The white husband, says he doesn’t have to show his id. So officer asks him why his carrying the weapon. The white husband, explains, that Oregon is an open carry state, and he’s exercising his rights to openly carry a firearm. After chatting for a few minutes, the officer lets him go on his way. No muss, no fuss!

The black male openly carries

Then, they have the black male, openly carry the same firearm, down the same street. Shortly, a police car rolls up on the scene! A white officer jumps out of the car, draws his weapon, and yells at the black male to “Get on the ground!” The black male gets on the ground and tries to explain, that he’s exercising his right to openly carry a firearm, in accordance, with the open carry law, in the open carry state of Oregon, but to no avail! About five more police cars roll up on the scene! Another white officer, walks over and take the AR-15, from the black male laying on the ground, and handcuffs him!

What did he do wrong?

Had he done anything wrong? No!

Had he broken any law? No!

Had done the same thing his white counterpart had done? Yes!

So why the discrepancy in how they were treated?

If someone, thinks, it was something other than, one was a white male and the other was a black male! I’d love to hear it!

This is an example of what we mean, when we talk about White Privilege!

White Privilege!

In this case, it’s the privilege to walk down a street, openly carrying an AR-15 Assault Rifle, in an open carry state, without being harassed or arrested for exercising one’s legal rights.

And as we’ve seen, with the many whites protesting, the plethora of black males, being killed by white cops. This is just not a black or white thing. It’s about the right thing. And being in denial about white privilege, is a wrong thing and can be a dangerous thing!

I’d love to hear your comments!

White Man vs Black Man Open Carry Experiment Expose Racism With Police

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Do White Cops Tend To Be More Aggressive With Black Than With White Men?

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