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White Privilege is Real and Black Lives Do Matter

Updated on May 14, 2016
Black Lives Matter Protest
Black Lives Matter Protest
Bill O'Reilly claims that White Privilege doesn't exist
Bill O'Reilly claims that White Privilege doesn't exist

White Privilege and How Race Affects Our Daily Life

In this article we are going to discuss White Privilege and The Black Lives Matter movement, and how these 2 things relate to each other. First we will discuss White Privilege. What is White Privilege? White Privilege is the fact(not theory) that white people are often treated better than minorities, especially when it comes to society and the justice system. This perception of racial identity affects thing as small as being treated differently by a cashier at a store, to things as huge as being convicted, or not being convicted for a crime you did, or didn't do. Not to mention the biggest thing, which is a major topic right now, weather or not your life may be taken by a law enforcement officer.

I am white and I know White privilege exists. Every time I am stopped by the police and its only one officer there, and every time a black guy gets pulled over, there are always 4 or 5 police cars, that's white privilege. When I can drive around in an expensive car and not have police pull me over because they think I stole it, once again White privilege. The fact that if I'm pulled over I can assume it is for a traffic violation. and not driving while being black, is also white privilege. Yet Many Prominent white people like Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, Claim that there is no such thing a White Privilege. Yes of course some one from the Channel that bring on black people to tell you that black people are bad, don't believe in white privilege. I find it very strange that the people who benefit the most from white privilege, are the ones that are oblivious to it's existence. This is because the idea of white supremacy has become so ingrained is society, that many of us don't even know it's there. Of course by us, I mean white people. The people on the other side of the white supremacy curtain are very aware of its existence.

Trayvon Martin (Shooting victim)
Trayvon Martin (Shooting victim)

The Result of White Privelege

I'm sure that you will all recall an incident that happened a few years ago when a young man name Trayvon Martin(a young black man) was shot an killed by one George Zimmerman(Of white and hispanic descent). This case has not only brought race relations in to focus, but also "Stand you ground" laws. Many people believe that the laws only apply to white people, especially when the person on the other end of the barrel is black. There have been a quite of few cases, in which a person would normaly be convicted of murder, will get off Scott free, because of these laws, but this is a topic that could fill another article.

Lets instead focus on the racial implications instead. Trayvon Martin's dad lived in the same community as George Zimmerman. Trayvon was visiting his dad. That night he walked to a convenience store to buy Skittles and an Arizona tea. Walking home from the store he was spotted by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman called the 911 like he did often when he saw "suspicious looking" black teens walking down the street. The 911 dispatcher told him to leave him alone. He made a comment like "theser bastards always get a way with everything." The next thing anyone knew Trayvon was dead, shot by Zimmerman. We won't go into all the details of the case since that would take a book. We will get into how the victim was treated by the media.

Shortly after Al sharpton brought media attention to the case, certain members of the media, particularly from Fox News, began putting the victim on trial. Commentators from Fox News began calling him a thug, and blaming stupid thing like him wearing a hoody, for being part of the reason he was shot. In this case and the countless cases of unarmed black men dying at the hands of police officers, the victims are always being called thugs. When a white man went into a black church in Charleston and killed the parishioners, the word thug was absent from Fox and the rest of the media. Instead he was "Mentally ill" or a lone wolf. So according to the media, if you are black and are a victim of a crime you are a thug, but if you are white and a mass murderer, you are mentally ill or misunderstood. Dylan Roof (the Charleston shooter) is not a lone wolf, or misunderstood, he was a racist thug that sat through a bible study, and shot 9 black people dead. It is just an example of how the media treats minoritys unfairly. This is a prime example of white privilege.

White Privilege is the fact that white people are treated better than minorities,especially when it comes to society and the justice system.


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