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White Supremacy - Focuses on college campuses

Updated on March 20, 2017


According to a new report released today by the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, white supremacists are channeling recruitment efforts towards students on college campuses more than they have in the past — shifting their recruitment tactics from online to face to face. They have tracked 104 incidents of white supremacist flyers on college campuses since the school year began in September 2016, with an increase in activity since January 2017, when 63 of the total incidents — 61% — were reported.


I believe this is due to who is currently in the White House. Mr. Trump is against everyone. The Elderly - taking away Meals on Wheels. The Children - taking away PBS. Women - taking away the rights that we have to our bodies. Immigrants - Travel ban. Those in poverty - reasonable health care. Those with previous health conditions - also reasonable health care. (Do you think I want to lose my seizure medication so I won't be able to live a productive life? I do not want to lose my seizure medication. There has already been a case where a 31 year old woman lost her health benefits and died of a seizure. Do people really agree with what Trump is doing? Trump is NOT a Commander in Chief. Trump is a Dictator in Chief.)

Now back to the White Supremacy. Can the KKK call themselves Christian?

Jesus Christ, the son of God, was not even white. The KKK group is a contradictory in itself.

"A number of white supremacists are abandoning Christianity for a very different religion: Odinism, sometimes called Asatru, Vanuatrú, or Dísitrú. The faith, which has several different strains, is a modern expression of an ancient, polytheistic Nordic belief system that reveres a slew of gods such as Thor." Which tends to put holes in the way white supremacists think of Jews, Hinduism, or Muslim.

Culture for groups and individuals

Culture provides each one of us with a sense of identity -- who you are -- a sense of belonging. It provides each one of us with a sense of purpose. Each one of us has a reason for being in this world. God made it so. Therefore, God does not care if you are white, black or yellow. Why would God care? Jesus Christ was not white. White Supremacy is a group that boasts on being better than other races. Those that know the difference between right and wrong know this.

Culture is learned from the people who raised each one of us. Culture being learned, it is a mistake to assume a person's culture by the way he or she looks. (There was once a Native American Indian, who I met at a Catholic Church. Many Native Americans have observed some of the culture of the Europeans that took over their lands. Why is it that White Supremacists cannot learn from other culture groups? Is it really beneath them to learn from someone from another Nationality? Statistics DO show that Asians are smarter than Americans. People shouldn't take it personally, they should take it as an opportunity to learn and grow.) Groups like these are of the cocky. That is not a characteristic that I myself strive for.

In my own experience, my DNA test shows that I am British, French, German (European - who first moved to Canada) and Cherokee Indian. (Possibly Irish, only because Irish were known to have also mixed with the Cherokee Indians. However, I have not found the connection to Irish yet.) During my childhood, my father appeared prejudice to me. When I lived in Texas, I invited an African American friend into the house after school. When my parents were not there. My father got home early, and I had to have my friend hide. My father never knew that I had invited this friend in the house. Each group of people have some bad people. Each group of people have some good people. Look at the differences between Obama and Trump. Obama is a better human being and is better educated. There are many people coming out of the woodwork that regret that they voted from Trump. My hope is that he is impeached BEFORE all of this horrifying situations come to pass. The cancellation of so many programs that have helped so many people.

I have quite a few friends who are gay. My mother also had a gay man for her best friend, when we lived in Texas. They worked in a nursing home together. Don't judge, or you will be judged.

There have been many times that I have not agreed with my parents, as I am more empathic than my parents. They are, actually, some of the people that I have listed having laughed at my sensitivity. That sensitivity will always be my saving grace, no matter who continues to laugh. I created my own culture. Despite, my parents and ex-in law's beliefs. Despite my ex-husband's beliefs, and despite my children's beliefs.

My Cherokee line is connected to Luke the Evangelist of the Bible. St. Luke was also not white. Furthermore, he was considered a slave. However, he was a physician. Luke's gospel was directed at Christians who had been pagan. His work was marked by concern for those who needed words of hope and were often overlooked. It is Luke who gives an account of the Nativity scene, stressing how humble the birth of Jesus was. Because Luke wrote for those in the Hellenic world, with their ideals of Greek humanism, Luke endeavored to show those people that the ideal for the people's lives now was not the heroes of Greek culture, but Jesus. He redirected his readers toward Christ, saying that it is in him that one finds healing and forgiveness. St Luke went with St. Paul on missionary journeys to Macedonia, Greece, Jerusalem and Rome. (It was during one of the missionaries that St. Luke met Alexander the Great. both are ancestors to my three children, in which one, a son, was named Alexander Luke. My son does not look white. However, I guarantee that if given a DNA test, one will find that he carries the Haplogroup of both St. Luke and Alexander the Great.) St. Luke was known as "the beloved Physician."

White supremacy is an historically based, institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression of nations and peoples of color by white peoples and nations. For the sole purpose of maintaining and defending a system of wealth, power and privilege. I have a huge problem with getting behind Capitalism. I just, I cannot support it. I will never support it. People are more important than money.

Just because it is historically so, does not mean that we should continue to divide the world up via color. Personally, I can make better use of my time. I do not believe any race is better. I am proud of my ancestry no matter the color. I had a client whose DNA test showed he is related to Hitler, and no, this client was not for Trump. Do you think that it prevented me from being his job coach? No, it did not. People are people. All are always a work in progress. However, they need to know the difference between right and wrong.

In my opinion, the White Supremacists who judge others on this Earth, will be the ones judged harshly on their judgement day.

White Supremacist OUT OF CONTROL

White culture is complex. White supremacist makes up the fabric of the United States: the greed, competition and individualism of capitalism. Male supremacist fear the power of women; historical Christianity, and hatred and fear of sexuality, and its compulsion to divide humankind into the "saved" and the "damned." (Which I think the White Supremacy has backward.) White culture is a melting pot of greed, guys, guns and God. It is a deadly brew.

Unlike the Whites, most Native American communities value their women. Cherokee is a matrilineal line. It runs deeply through the women in my family, even before I, officially, knew that Cherokee Indian ran completely through my maternal family tree. It was ingrained in me, before I ever knew.

In conclusion

I cannot see how one race is better than another. Yes, I like to study my family history and found out I am British + French + German = French Canadian + Cherokee Indian. If God created each one of us, then he did not make a mistake in creating any Nationality or Race. I just do not understand anything about how White Supremacy, or Capitalism can only be based on separating us as people. We need enough money to take care of ourselves. Anymore is just greed.

My hope is that we become united as Americans, instead of grouped by color, gender, political party or any other group. White Supremacists need to leave our college students alone so they can work on bettering their financial security and life. They do not need White Supremacy education. White Supremacy tears people apart, and does not benefit the world.

College students: Groups that ostracize others is not the key to America. Don't ruin your lives by jumping in on someone else's agenda. You don't need to be tried as an adult for the White Supremacists that really do not care about you. They just care about the numbers.

Please think of your futures. Find your positive purpose and don't take away someone else's positive purpose. Those that cannot live in harmony with diversity are the problem. White Supremacy groups are not the solution.


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