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White Trash and Trailer Trash

Updated on May 11, 2011

White Trash Trailer Trash

Since I had fun talking about 'Chavs' in one of my previous hubs I thought I would do a follow up article that explains what the U.S version 'White Trash' is all about.

White Trash in a nutshell is a name used to describe the lower class white people usually in the Southern states and 'Trailer Park Trash' is the word originating from North America because such is the belief that these people often reside in mobile homes or trailers.

People often use this slur along with other names such as 'Redneck' or 'Hill Billy' because they believe these people are backwards, unlearned of today's society but 'White Trash' relates more to the poor white's moral standards. 

Photo courtesy of pagedooley

Trailer Park Trash

Above is somebody pretending to dress like trailer park trash for a 'white trash party', note that the 'trash' is often very pale but likes to show off tattoos on their very skinny arms, doesn't shave often and wears ripped jeans as knee length shorts.

The white trash outfit for women often includes hair curlers that have been left in whilst she is walking to the store in her dressing gown and slippers, she will probably be past her flirting age but will still have very seductive long red finger nails and she may also be seen shouting at the kids whilst holding a cigarette in one hand.

Photo courtesy of buffawhat

Ricky the trailer park boy
Ricky the trailer park boy

Trailer Park Boys

The term white trash has been recognized in mainstream culture and TV shows, for example the rapper Everlast wrote a song called 'White Trash Beautiful' where he talks about a beautiful trailer park girl who settled for the guy who drives freight lorries on long shifts and he says she could of done better.

The word trailer park trash has also been turned into a TV show about Trailer park boys who live in Sunnyvale trailer park Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The main character Ricky is someone you would associate with a hilly billy since he still styles his hair like Elvis and then you have another bizarre character called Bubble's who speaks with a funny accent. The main plot surrounds the boys and the trouble they get into during the day by selling cannabis and other money making schemes.

Photo courtesy of cote

Trailer Trash Ideas

If you wanted trailer trash ideas for a fancy dress party then all you need to do is switch on your TV and find a channel showing the 'Jerry Springer Show'. Jerry Springer is renowned for inviting white trash on his show to talk about their bizarre family feuds and 'I'm pregnant and he's the father' stories.

Even comedian Bill Hicks commented on the rising number of single mother pregnancies amongst trailer park folk by sarcastically describing them as 'little miracles'.  Even more surprising is when guests on the Springer show claim that their cousin or even sibling is their partner.

Photo courtesy of pandora_6666

Recipe for White Trash

Lastly I would like to share something positive and that is the white trash recipe since Alton Brown did publish a book where he highlights the tasty treat that is made up of the ingredients 'crushed Cheerios', pretzels, M&Ms and other oat cereals mixed with melted white chocolate.

Although at first glance I believe this to be a recipe passed down through the families of trailer park trash because it would be a cost effective way of making a meal out of left overs but it actually isn't.

White Trash can often be seen working in out of town gas stations and diners and the recipes they cook up are usually sloppy burgers, fattening hash browns and sloppy Joe's! Not a very intellectual occupation for life!

Photo courtesy of thefuturistics


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