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White people and racism in today’s society

Updated on February 6, 2017

Why are white people in today’s society told they should feel guilty about what their ancestors did in America? Why not other races, like Spaniards?

The very notion that whites in America should feel bad for what people did in the past is bullshit.

Whites in America get slammed for America’s history because it’s the politically correct and media-friendly thing to do right now. That’s why.

Notice how I said American history. Not white history. That’s because there are a lot of immigrants in America that didn’t have ancestors that lived there before 1900. Or even twenty years ago!

Never mind the fact that almost all white people alive today had nothing to do with slavery, and more still are open minded and are not racist.

Yet, god help you if you correct someone who isn’t a white guy in America. Is that slightly darker person being a racist asshole? Don’t correct him: you might get called out for hate, or for being a racist yourself.

No, I’m not saying that will happen all the time, and many people are generally good. There are just as many that are also ignorant or misinformed.

As for Spaniards, what are Spaniards? Are they caucasian? African? Middle European? Middle Eastern? Mexican? Do they look like those Portuguese people? Or those guys from Brazil?

See the point I’m trying to make here?

What I’ve learned (so far) about people

I’ve lived in several countries so far and one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t really tell where someone is from by their looks.

A lot of people in America are stuck with the notion that the way you look is already going to show what kind of person you are.

It’s both a problem of society and the media. If you’re a certain skin color, you must be this way.

You’re white, you must be guilty for your ancestor’s history.

If that’s true, then I should probably figure out what my Russian ancestors did wrong and feel guilty about that, right? Or perhaps I should go find a German immigrant and tell him it’s his or her fault that my grandmother was put into concentration camp during World War Two.

Oh, that Indian guy over there? Perhaps we should make him feel guilty about the atrocities his race committed against people of other nations.

Or that Swede over there for… I don’t know, something. Being neutral? Honestly I don’t know much about Swedish people. Oh, wait! He’s beautiful!

God-damn Swedish are so god-damned beautiful
God-damn Swedish are so god-damned beautiful


Now, I’m not disputing that there are certain scientific facts that different races have different pre-dispositions towards certain physical and mental attributes that may contribute towards certain behaviors.

However, people still make their own choices; unfortunately the biggest problem that I see is how society influences people through upbringing and media.

It’s going to be much harder to succeed at life if you don’t break past certain social barriers, whether it’s living in a drug-fueled, crime ridden neighborhood (which I was once a part of) religious background (double whammy for me) or families that are, frankly, shitty.

Science is still researching race

This article from Time magazine is probably one of the more interesting recent articles I’ve read concerning this subject, although it is a couple years old. NYT Science Editor: Race Is Real

And this following article is from the 1970s, which is still highly contested on its findings. Be aware that many scientific fueled racists try to point to this article as evidence.…

Quite frankly it’s still a highly contested subject, and as we get better at unlocking the genome and learning more about the human race, we will learn more about ourselves.

That said, you can’t deny the evolutionary process: black people are naturally stronger and faster than Caucasian counterparts, for example.

There are those who say that testing and researching possible differences between different races in the human race should be banned, partly because it can only serve to give ammo to racists.

This is bollox. Racism is a social construct made to elevate certain people and subjugate others. Scientists agree with social scientists on this fact. People are simply afraid of what we may find out about ourselves.

Break through social constructs

If there are scientific differences between people, why does it matter? Again, it’s up to individuals to determine themselves, not science or society. Unfortunately society is very good at shaping people’s beliefs or thoughts.

As for “taking responsibility”, no one of any race should take responsibility for the actions of those made in the past. Unless you were directly involved, why should you?

That is akin to saying “The sins of the father pass down to the son”.

In the past, children and families were killed for a crime another family member did.

Do we want to kill scores of people just because their ancestors did something horrible?

You might as well just kill off the whole human race.

When you see someone, judge them by their actions and choices, not by their skin.

That’s my message to the media and society in general. Too bad nobody will listen.


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