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Who Are the Real Terrorists in Kenya?

Updated on October 4, 2013
Kenyan soldiers and looters
Kenyan soldiers and looters
Westgate Mall
Westgate Mall

According Kenyan sources and video, not all stores were occupied by the terrorists in Nairobi's Westgate Mall. Several stores were occupied by those Kenyan troops fighting the terrorists. Usually, a country's military is its best when special forces are employed and more so when the world media is watching as it happens.

The Kenyan military, while not all rotten, certainly has a black eye to those living there. You see, when some troops were not fighting the terrorists, they were looting the stores. Stuffing whatever they could into there pockets and simply carrying items out. The looting was conducted even while the fight was happening and hostages were still in danger.

The jewelry store in the mall was ransacked and thousands of items were stolen, security forces are seen looting clothing stores, shoes stores and smashing ATM's. Supermarkets were looted also, video shows soldiers carrying out bags of items. In one scene, soldiers were seen carrying out three large bags stuffed with cash.

The Kenyan response to the terrorist attack was muddled and confused due to poor training and lack of communication. The Mall was secured by the military by 7 p.m. By that time, very few terrorists were still in the complex.

The Kenyan military and security forces seemed to prefer certain stores to others. The Bata shoe store suffered no looting. The question is, where were the officers in charge of these men? Where was the control of the situation inside? It seems all of the rank and file in the Kenyan military are thieves when the situation presents itself. They are probably happy there was a terror attack because otherwise, the items stolen would have to be bought.

Some 67 were killed in the mall attack, the looting is more tarnish on the Kenyan military.


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