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Who Controls the Price of Gas..? by Merwin

Updated on June 1, 2011

A Fellow Hubber "ptosis" asked... "$5 a gallon for gas by mid July - social engineering? Obama deliberately using higher gas prices for global warming? "

I answered...

It is not Obama per se... he is merely a puppet of Centralized Banking, "our" Federal Reserve most immediately, and then by extension The Bank of England and other European Banks.

Nixon's nemesis "Deep Throat" said... "Follow the money..." and that is good advice regarding economics.

The ones that have all governance in their pockets, are the centralized bankers. They are the one's who have set the fluctuating prices, up or down, for oil and other staples of life.

The worldwide economic collapse did not have to happen, it happened by design. You might ask... to what end..? Well in the case of the United States the money for the bailout was borrowed with interest from the Federal Reserve as it has for all wars and other crises since the Reserves inception early in the 1900's.

Our debt has grown to the point that we cannot even afford to keep up with the interest payments, and our politicians have their directives to remain fiscally irresponsible.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the godfather of centralized banking said... "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes the laws."


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    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 6 years ago from Northern Germany

      "Follow the money" - a good aproach. But where is the money today? The borrowing is in the US, but not the money.

      So if you follow the money, you end up in those economies on this planet, who prosper and grow. Those economies determine the market demand and price and the US and all others have to follow. There may be a little short term speculation and manipulation. On the long run this is all world market driven, no masterminding of irresponsible and greedy banking behind.

      Oil reserves of the US are some 2% of currently known world oil reserves. The US consumes 20% of world production. In relative terms the US is only 10% self reliant.

      What is the difference to economies who have no oil or other commodities at all (that is 0%)? No difference, but the US still think they can be on their own.

      It is not the greedy banking system to blame but all those people and politicians who are still stuck in a mindset that is focused on America only, sad to say so.

    • CostReductionGuru profile image

      CostReductionGuru 6 years ago

      Not sure I agree with you viewpoint on the world economic situation was engineered. I do however believe that it was a result of greed. Our need for foreign oil is our single greatest national security threat we have as a nation. I think we need a "Manhattan Project" like effort to boost our economic independence. I voted you up!