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Who Exactly Is In Control Of Sangin?

Updated on December 24, 2015
Taliban Fighters.
Taliban Fighters. | Source
NATO And Afghan Soldiers.
NATO And Afghan Soldiers. | Source
Map Of Afghanistan.
Map Of Afghanistan. | Source

Battle For Sangin.

According to official Afghan government sources key buildings in the town of Sangin located in Helmand Province Afghanistan have been re - taken from the Taliban when a top Afghan Commander Mullah Nasir friend and confidant of Taliban leader Akhtar Mansour (who succeeded Mullah Omar) and fifty of his men were killed in the ensuing engagement.

Sangin is an important town strategically for the Taliban and is also where their opium crop is grown to support their campaign. The Taliban make account that the Afghan government relies on foreigners like NATO to fight its war for it which makes the government unpopular amongst the Afghan people.

Fighting for Sangin has been going on for a while now and the Taliban claimed the town fell to their forces and they were pinning down Afghan soldiers in their barracks. The Afghan government disputed this claim saying fighting was ongoing and that they had sent more armed forces to defend the town.

Meanwhile the USAF has been launching airstrikes on Taliban positions outside of Sangin and lack of air support is something the Afghan government forces struggle with as they do not have the air capacity that NATO did when it was there in full strength to support its troops and that of the Afghans when confronting the Taliban which has probably led to the Afghan government forces to be on the back foot.

British forces though minimal are supposedly in Helmand province too giving advice to the Afghan forces which has led to some bitter resentment from British families whose lost loved ones died in the conflict wth the Taliban when the Brits as part of NATO were there in full force. It could be easily be asked what did the British troops and others achieve if the Taliban are back in force with the British losing 450 troops in the fight with the Taliban. At the time British troops were pulling out and handing over to Afghan forces to carry on the fight against the Taliban some were obviously glad to be going home but others were saying including their families back in the UK the war against the Taliban was not finished. But the question had to be asked how long could British and NATO forces stay in Afghanistan for and what would victory over the Taliban a largely guerilla type force look like?

The picture of who is really in control of Sangin is to say the least confusing with disputing accounts from government and Taliban sources.


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      3 years ago from Blackpool

      Pakistan as the source of the Taliban's power has come up again and again and I agree with your point about Pakistan. To your face they say they are friends of the West next their aiding the Taliban,

    • emge profile image


      3 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thanks for an interesting post. The NATO powers have achieved nothing in Afghaniustan, because they are missing the role of Pakistan in propping the Taliban. Kill the source Pakistan and Taliban will wither away.


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