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Who Is Ben Swann - A WXIX 19 Reality Check

Updated on October 30, 2012

Mitt Romney and Voting Machines

Ben Swann And WXIX 19's Tricia Macke

Ben Swann - Truther News Anchor

Who is Ben Swann? I'm glad that you asked, because that means that you have egressed from the electrosmog of mass media to seize a few nanoparticles of truth. Ben Swann is a rare paragon of a news anchor that most certainly should be the pride of Cincinatti, Ohio and the WXIX 19 news channel where he works primetime coverage. His hard-hitting truth finding news pieces were probably little known outside of the WXIX 19 viewing area before the presidential campaign began in 2011, but he has certainly made a name for himself via his truth-based coverage of the republican nomination process. Twitter and Facebook have been a great ally in Ben Swann's news specials called Reality Check. Fighting the corruptness and evil practices that the Republican party and government in general has been trying to keep secret for too long, Ben Swann is certainly an enemy of the state in the minds of many in control. Deciding not to sell out his ethics as a true journalist, Ben Swann of WXIX 19 has been, and continues to be, a pillar of truth, delivering well-researched facts instead of the political propaganda that almost every other station has decided to air. Along with Judge Napolitano, Ben Swann stands alone in representing the people.

Some who have heard of Ben Swann might consider him a Ron Paul advocate, and although I have no idea where he stands politically, it is certainly true that he has been a champion of the underdog Texas Congressman Ron Paul. The beauty of his Reality Check news coverage at WXIX 19 is that he not only uncovers facts that you will hear almost nowhere else, but does so in an unbiased fashion. The only difference is that Swann has decided to report on the wrongdoings and stand up for liberty and fair coverage. That has often meant that he does, in fact, stand up for Ron Paul. That is where many of us found him in early 2011 as the Republican presidential nomination process was just getting underway. That was when the rest of the media was content to laugh at doctor Ron Paul or completely black out his campaign, poll numbers, and primary/caucus results. Believing, that they could persuade most of their viewers that Mitt Romney was the presumptive Republican (not sure why I capitalize republican as the party certainly does not deserve it) nominee or that Obama had no true opposition. Ben Swann began doing Reality Check bits that revealed the truth behind the process that has been anything but fair and often crossing the line into illegal.

Other's are afraid to cover the news in such an unbiased manner, fearing either for their job, future, or even life. Ben Swann has consistently delivered quality reporting in the face of these odds. There have been so many violations and wrongdoings by the Republican party that it is really hard to give a checklist here of everything that has been done. Probably the best thing to do is point you the reader to a couple of the latest and most relevant Reality Check pieces from FOX19 and Ben Swann. While many have been told that the race is in fact over and that there is no way that Ron Paul can beat Mitt Romney, the Republican party's own rules show that not to be the case. But even if the powers that be win through their tactics, the most important thing is that more and more people are waking up to reality and that in itself is a win for the cause of liberty. The first step is seeing the truth about what is actually going on, and then we can take steps to make change. Also, follow Ben Swann on Facebook and Twitter.

Ben Swann on Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney


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    • Irob profile image

      Irob 5 years ago from St. Charles

      nice to hear about unbiased reporting. Will check him out