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Who Is Leonard Peltier

Updated on June 19, 2013

In 1977, Leonard Peltier was tried and convicted of killing two FBI Agents while protecting Elders and their family on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Though some of the evidence was tampered with, some fabricated and witnesses caroused into statements, the real truth of Leonard’s innocents has been wrung out through the past years and hung on the line to dry. Yet the US Government refuses to yield to the injustice. So who is Leonard?

Leonard is an Native American Indian who has heard his people cries for help in defending their heritage and rights. He is not unlike many of the young Natives of the 1970’s, who heard the call of their Grandfathers and Grandmothers. Despite the fact that many Native Indian Organizations were forming in the 70’s, it was the Native American Indian Movement that catapulted many of the young men and women into the throws of the uprising and gave an amplified voice to the First Peoples of this nation.

Leonard Peltier Defense and Offense Committee was formed during Leonard’s trial. The committee has worked hard over the years with appeals and looking after Mr. Peltier’s safety and health. But after 34 for years of imprisonment, the question the LPDOC and their charter chapters are asked these days is why Leonard, after all these years of no success for his freedom?

Let the record note that LPDOC is not just about Leonard anymore. They too, as a group have given voice for the People, which is what Mr. Peltier’s and all other native political prisoner’s past endeavors were about. Even in the mission statement they strive to help the indigenous people protect their rights to live as spiritual people.

Because of the injustice that is being served to the now 67 year old Leonard Peltier and the fact that the Government, along with the media has put him in the limelight, he has became that catalyst for all the Native Nations of this country.

So who is Leonard Peltier these days? He is a political prisoner, an artist, a poet and spokesman. He is also a son, a brother, a father and grandfather. Behind bars he has managed to reach more people regarding the Indian injustice than ever before. He is also just one of many Native American Indians who are behind bars today, for demonstrating their amendment rights, bringing to the people some light of hope. Again, who is Leonard Peltier? Leonard is the voice of all Nations! We free Leonard, then we can free all the People!


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    • BuffaloGal1960 profile image

      T. Clifton 

      6 years ago from Buffalo, Missouri

      We do need to free Leonard. For sure.

    • glmclendon profile image


      7 years ago

      Good job. Many people get in this kind of thing and no one is there to care of, or seek the truth. We don't like for this to happen and this must be stopped wherever it is found. My heart goes out to him and his family.

      Stay Well

    • mecheshier profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Hub. What a devastating story. So many tales like this one get swept under the carpet and ignored. Thank you for sharing.Voted up for useful.


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