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Who Killed Gadaffi?

Updated on October 31, 2011


20th October 2011 marked the death of North Africa's longest serving dictator, Gadaffi. Along with his downfall came the collapse of his autocratic state- a hybrid of capitalism and socialism. It is from this that the TNC must rebuild the nation of Libya.

This hub is not a prediction of what is to come for the state of Libya, rather it is a documentation of the final moments of Gadaffi, its late leader. I am going to break this article up into Who, What, Where and When format for ease of finding the relevant section you are looking for.

Who killed Gadaffi?

As of 31st October 2011 nobody is entirely certain. It is believed that he was shot and wounded by a group of militants fighting in Sirte. The evidence supporting their claim they killed Gadaffi exists in their possession of a golden gun, allegedly once owned by the dictator himself.

The BBC reports1 that NTC fighters have been arguing over who exactly gets the glory for the killing. A man in bloodstained clothes, a man filming the incident on a mobile phone and a group of armed militia all lay claim to his capture leading to speculation he was in fact captured by a group of NTC fighters.


1. 'NTC fighters "argued over who killed Gadaffi"'

How was he killed?

At first speculation was abound that Gadaffi had been mortally wounded by an air strike carried out by NATO planes. However, this was soon refuted and a live interview on the BBC2 with NTC fighters led to the claim that he had been shot with a "nine millimetre" in the abdomen. Gadaffi was allegedly sleeping in a hiding place when the NTC fighters attacked. The confusion over who wounded him is confirmed by an NTC fighter speaking through a translator, "Somebody shot him by gun nine millimetre [sic]."

However, another version of events tells the story of a Gadaffi who attempted to flee from the rebels, but was captured and after being wounded was being driven to a hospital.3

Yet another story purports he was captured, taunted then killed. A video on the BBC4 shows a figure, who is possibly Gadaffi, being held against a car and being mocked whilst he pleads for mercy.

Do not read this paragraph if easily upset.

Other video footage suggests Gadaffi may have been sodomised prior to his death. Indeed it does seem that a TNC fighter is attempting to place a stick or sharp knife in Gadaffi's rear. I shall not link a source to this for obvious reasons.


2. "Gadaffi shot in abdomen, witness says"

3. This article details the second possibility of his death more fully.

4. Scroll down past the map for the video footage.

Sirte, Libya

A markerSirte, Libya -
Sirte, Libya
get directions

The final place of Gadaffi.

Where was he killed?

The place in which Gadaffi was killed was in the north of Libya, in a city called Sirte. The city was his birthplace and the last remaining Pro-Gadaffi stronghold making it the most viable and safe stronghold for him.

As with regards to the exact location it has been claimed by several TNC fighters that Gadaffi was found in a drainage pipe or a culvert.5

The likely string of events is as follows:

  • Gadaffi attempts to flee Sirte once he realises he has lost.
  • His convoy is attacked by a NATO airstike and is forced to stop.
  • Gadaffi and his loyalists continue on foot, only to be stopped by a TNC fighter group and a battle ensues. At this point Gadaffi is possibly wounded.
  • Gadaffi flees and hides in a drainage pipe where he is later found by rebels and possibly shot. He surrenders in this instance and begs for mercy.
  • Gadaffi is then taken to a hospital via ambulance, however, he dies before the he reaches the hospital.


5. A detailed report on the drainage pipe scenario.

When was he killed?

Gadaffi died on the 20th October 2011. A video in an interview with an NTC fighter purports he was shot, wounded and killed around 12:30. The NTC fighter is unclear though whether this is 12:30am (early morning) or 12:30pm (afternoon).2

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