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Who Killed Juan and Yazmin?

Updated on March 28, 2015
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A Gringo who moved to Puerto Rico, Greg loves writing about the island he now resides on. He and Maria also wrote several bilingual books...

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The memorial where Juan and Yazmin were murdered.The murder scene just hours afterJuan Avila Otero
The memorial where Juan and Yazmin were murdered.
The memorial where Juan and Yazmin were murdered. | Source
The murder scene just hours after
The murder scene just hours after
Juan Avila Otero
Juan Avila Otero

I just wrote a hub about some findings in the mountains of Puerto Rico. It was on the forth highest peak on this island South of the United States. The name of the peak is the Cerro Maravilla.

While we were there, I noticed in a small park just a stones throw from the mountain, a memorial cross where two people had died. There were many flowers put around the cross and I just had to know the particulars. Google came to the rescue for that. Pictures are at the right.

The date was May 12th,2011 and in the early morning hours a man and his sister were shot to death. Their names were Juan Leonardo Aviles Otero 34 and Yazmin Plaza Otero 21. They were brother and sister. Juan was a Miami/Dade police officer and Yazmin was a single mother of 3 children.

This murder has not been solved. It has been featured on the America's Most Wanted website. I cannot find anything showing that investigators are close to solving it either.

From what I can see, there are many suspects or suspicious possibilities. Let's go through the list.

Drug Dealers

When found, Juan had three envelopes of a white powdery substance and there was an empty packet on the floor of the car. It was determined the substance was cocaine.

The car was a rental car that he had rented. Juan had come home to the island for Mother's day and was out at a bar that night with his sister. They had been at a bar in Villalba earlier named Las Copitas. Did they buy drugs? Did a drug dealer realize that Juan was a cop?

Before becoming a Miami/Dade police officer, Juan was a narcotics officer in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He then worked for a security company in Florida and then became a Miami cop.

Could being a narcotics agent have been the reason for his murder? Many narcotics agents do use and many are addicted to drugs.

This could have been the first possibility. Also note that while they were in the bar, there was a bar fight.

The Boyfriend

Yazmin Plaza Otero had recently broke it off with a boyfriend that she lived with in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Is it possible that he was following? He did not know Juan. Could he have thought that Juan was a different boyfriend?

It is stated that this boyfriend had threatened Yazmin by telephone.

The boyfriend surely has to be a suspect.


Yazmin had recently been in a fight with a sister of hers. By looking at their names, I would say that Yazmin and Juan either had a different Father or Mother.

The fight they had was violent and ended up in the courtroom. I could not find an outcome of that.

Is it possible that Yazmin's sister either killed or had them killed?

Wackenhut Security

It has been suggested that this huge security company started by George Wackenhut has ties to the C.I.A. Juan worked for them in Miami before moving to the police force.

How could they be suspect?

Well, Juan was the key informant/whistle-blower on a case where Wackenhut, which is now named G4S, over billing Miami/Dade for services they performed. With Juan's testimony there may have been more sanctions placed against the security giant. As it was, after Juan's death, they settled the case for 7.4 million dollars.

Wackenhut/G4S has had many issues. Several of their security guards were involved in a murder of a young woman in Michigan.

Wackenhut also runs many prisons and has had accusations of abuse and corruption at many of these.

Did Wackenhut whack Juan and Yazmin?

So Who?

This looks to be a difficult case. I hope and pray that justice is served.

There were approximately 30 forty caliber rounds found fired. Both Juan and Yazmin were shot multiple times in the face. No firearm has been recovered that fired these rounds.

Do you have information that could help?

As I stated earlier, America's Most Wanted ran a spot on their website about this. If you have information, their site is linked below.

I pray this family has peace and knows even if no justice comes on Earth, the person or persons who did this will have to answer to God.

Juan and Yazmin;

Rest In Peace!

© G.L. Boudonck

© 2012 Greg Boudonck


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    • profile image

      Maria Ruiz 5 years ago

      Everything will be put to light in it's time. In God's time.

      You made a good investigation.