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Who Really Controls the Illuminati? (Bitch I'm Madonna, Vatican, Google, MI6, CIA)

Updated on June 18, 2015

Spells, Witches and Hollywood Illuminati Unchecked

Hollywood Illuminati Witchcraft Running Wild in Music

I simply have no idea of why and how these women in the music industry are able to practice Illuminati terrorism and witchcraft within the confines of this terrible American Christian Caliphate.

I guess that when one has enough money, to live behind gated walls, like Madonna and Miley Cyrus, that these right wing Christian zealots can not get to them and therefore they never get burned at the stake; like in the days of Salem.

I never stream music and I simply have no idea of how a streaming service works as it relates to music subscription. I am more of a film person rather than a music person. I really dont know too much about music, outside of pop and some old skool rock and R&B but what I do know about is Witchcraft and how the Hollywood Illuminati is using warlocks and witches to alter the course of the American Psyche and to control human destiny.

Lets start with Jay Z's TIDAL project. I hope he gets his subscription service going but Google actually has superiority when it comes to infrastructure (from computers, to cars to space ships) and APPLE INC. has the superiority when it comes to marketing but Jay Z has the talent.

So, Jay Z wants to have this warlock delivery system; as a means of pushing his Illuminati Kilos onto the masses? Now a days, one does have to take into consideration the tech infrastructure, which is fairly new in the Illuminati but I suggest that Jay Z go and get permission from Mr. G, the Original O.G. and who is Mr. G? The strawberry blond dude that happens to run British Intelligence.

When ever you are dealing with trying to re-shape Hollywood, even though the major conflicts appear to all be related to the delivery system and not the content; one has to deal with British, Jewish & American Intelligence. You can't just be stepping all over people's toes and trust me, as soon as they find a way to crack their whip on American tech corps; they gonna come for them also.

I am not surprised at the South Carolina Church Shooting because Madonna knew she needed some fresh bodies of sacrifice and with Barbara Bush, having studied in South Carolina for a little while; we surely know that South Carolina Blacks are nothing more than a means of sacrifice for material obtainment by some white people. I would not be surprised if Madonna called Barbara Bush and actually placed the order for the sacrifices.

Mr. G is over in the U.K. tossing his superior strawberry blond hair & blue eyes all around & saying that he owns all of us ("I OWN YOU ALL"); while the Vatican is making its move to re-cast a global order.

Presidents, whisper campaigns, social propaganda agendas and their political operatives will come and go every four to eight years but the Illuminati of Intelligence is eternal. These people simply never go away.

I recall when the 1990's had a tech bubble. I remember when I first started working for an online company in the 1990's and then under President Clinton, the tech field went belly-up. I have seen it all and I have seen them all.

Unless you are like Prince, Madonna, KGB (Putin), CIA (Bush) or British Intelligence; I have simply seen so many industries, politicians and social trends simply come one day and vanish the next.

The Vatican, that has this new and fabulous World Global Order for the environment is really shaping destiny but why is the Vatican scared of the Illuminati of Madonna, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Katy Perry? In this Bitch I'm Madonna Video; we clearly see Madonna attempted some strange mix of witchery, with these women from all of these different nations.

We all know what happens when you get these particular women together? Its clearly a ritual/spell and it clearly is designed to raise power. Now, who in the hell will be there to direct this power and what exactly are these women/witches trying to unleash onto the world?

Why isn't British Intelligence, Google or The Vatican trying to get a copy of these lyrics/spells; so that we can see what these women are up to? I think that it is due to racism. I think that if two or three black females or males are together...its a gang. But because it is Madonna that is getting this coven together; no one is supposed to say anything; regardless on if this song/spell results in Putin being able to shoot comet bullets at the Washington DC area or London Area. What if Putin finds a way to hijack the secret powers of the Illuminati Magic Warfare Program?

Who controls these witches of the Illuminati? They are running wild.

Illuminati of the Ages


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    • profile image

      CreoleFolks 2 years ago

      We have to take into consideration that Madonna and Barbara Bush made a pact, so that Jeb Bush can get power for his election and so that Madonna can move up the music charts. The sacrificing of black Americans has always been an American Past Time because it was used as a ritual by white elites. My issue is the fact that these witches of the Hollywood Illuminati are now doing their own thing and we never know what sort of back magic fall-out will get into the hands of Putin.

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 2 years ago from The Garden State