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Who Represents Me?

Updated on January 17, 2019
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Tom is retired but not from life. He enjoys researching and writing about politics, the environment, and other issues facing our country.

The Parties and the Shutdown

The Republicans have displayed truly disgraceful behavior since 2008, when President Obama was elected. After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, they lived only to block anything the Democrats proposed. During his time as Speaker of the House, John Boehner lost any semblance of control of The House. The Tea Party Caucus saw to it that any bill that could pass with bi-partisan support never saw the light of day. The Republicans shifted so far right that it is impossible for a moderate to survive in the party.

When Donald Trump became President most Americans hoped he would exercise restraint and make good “deals” on behalf of all Americans. Unfortunately, as we see in my article, “Trump: Narcissistic Sociopath”, The President is both mentally and emotionally unable to exert that kind of self-control. Of even greater concern, the Republicans, party of faith, decency, and family values, show themselves to be morally bankrupt. No matter how low the President goes, most Republicans are silent, or at best, offer the most tepid meaningless criticism. How sad that these men and women can be so easily intimidated by this bully.

“I wouldn’t have used those words”, or “The President is the President” is a shameful response to his behavior. What happened to “Country before Party?” No more. The lack of work ethic in this party became evident when the Republicans won the Congress and White House in 2016. Poised to repeal the ACA these “Legislators” had not one real plan to implement in its place. Seven years and no plan! They scurried around looking quite foolish writing a bill on the fly. Thank God for John McCain. These members of Congress are being paid for nothing.

The Democrats

Sadly, the Democrats are no better. For 9 years, they have stated that they knew the ACA has a lot of problems. “Obamacare isn’t perfect, but it is a good start” they repeated endlessly. Yet now it is 9 years and they have not offered any legislation to fix problems or enhance coverage. Have Democrats offered any concrete proposals to try and solve any of our issues? They now have The House, so where are their ideas?

The truth is the party has nothing new to offer. With the same stale gang clinging to power there will be no innovation or progress. Threats of impeachment, various reprisals are on the menu. They are also making misleading statements and telling half- truths.

When both Houses of Congress passed the continuing resolution that kept the government open until early February, the President balked. Not enough wall funding he said. This was not a grand compromise worked out with White House support following some marathon negotiation sessions. This was the same, lazy representatives and senators agreeing to a short-term delay of the shutdown. Heaven forbid they should do their jobs. They all agreed to it so they could get out of town for the holidays. Democrats: stop the spin and tell the truth.

Dumb Democrats

The President keeps talking about how bad our border security is and what a disaster our immigration system is. Now, the Democrats are making his case for him.

Senator Durbin

During the confirmation hearing of William Barr, the Senator in his questioning disclosed that less than 20% of vehicles coming from Mexico are inspected for illegal drugs or human trafficking. His strange logic is that we don’t need a wall because 90% of drugs come right on in though our ports of entry. What kind of statement is that? The President says drugs are pouring into our country and now Senator Durbin confirms it! So this is happening right under Democrats’ noses and yet there seems to be no legislative fix for this problem. What will it take to scan 100% of vehicles for contraband? Where is our government? What a foolish argument.

Diane Feinstein

Not to be outdone, Senator Feinstein talked about another huge flaw in our system. At the same hearing the issue of visa overstays arose. Perhaps as many as 600,000 people overstayed their visas in 2018 alone. The Senator rightly pointed out that a wall won’t help in this matter. While that is true, it does serve to illustrate how poor our enforcement of our immigration laws is. What are the Democrats doing to address this issue? Is it a matter of more I.C.E. agents? Why do we allow this?

The Result

These statements serve to reinforce President Trump’s positions on border security. If you add 600,000 visa overstays to the 350,000 plus border apprehensions, you have nearly a million people here illegally in one year. Since we check only a fraction of the vehicles crossing the border we don’t even know how many more people are arriving. So to Trump’s point, this latter group could be made up of criminals, gang members, and yes – even terrorists. What are the implications for these revelations?

The President seems to have a point. Our laws are not enforced for a variety of reasons and our southern border is not secure. Despite Democratic attempts to downplay it this is a problem that to be addressed. Why are Democrats so reluctant to take it on?

Crisis or No?

Don’t these facts indicate that the border is a much larger multifaceted problem than just a few thousand asylum seekers from Central America? Will Democrats support a drastic upgrading of all of our ports of entry? Once that is accomplished smugglers will have to find new vulnerable points along the border. Like water, they will follow the path of least resistance. The Democrats and Republicans need to pass a plan to protect the border from end to end.

Rep. Ilhan Omar

On a different note, an interview on CNN with Rep. Omar serves to illustrate the emptiness of our government. This freshman congresswoman has already embraced the foolish sounding Democratic rhetoric. During the interview she declared that the President is governing “by temper tantrum” and that the border issue is a “manufactured crisis”. Any original thought has been submerged to suit the party line. It truly sounds empty when so many party members use the same words.

Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi is at her worst. While trying to claim the moral high ground she is using furloughed workers as pawns in a political game with the President using furloughed workers as pawns in a political game with the President. Give the President 3 or 4 billion to build the wall where needed and move on to other issues that need resolution. Instead, she is spending her energy trying to block The State of the Union Address.

This is a woman who thinks controlling the border with the use of a fence is somehow “immoral”. Maybe she should give us a full explanation as to why that is. The true immoral act here is her stubborn refusal to work with Republicans to find a compromise. Neither side has the moral high ground. Madame Speaker, resign your position and give someone else a chance!


After reading about these foolish occurrences, is it any wonder why some of us are disgusted? There is a solution to be reached. We just need better leaders. There doesn’t have to be a winner and a loser here. I, for one, want representatives who respect each other’s views and work together to arrive at the best policies for all. Let’s find people who we can vote for wholeheartedly. Voting for the lesser of two evils must end. We, as citizens, deserve better than this. I hope I am not the only person who feels this way.


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