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Who Rules India - ( Assam - Part - 25 )

Updated on February 18, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Mr.Tarun Gogoi is Chief Minister of Assam.

CM wake up open your eyes and stop corruption Assam is ranked first .Anna Hazare will see you soon if you do not help your people.THERE ARE 3,000 YOUNG BOYS HERE IN HOSUR and 1,000 work in EXIDE BATTERIES FACTORY.
CM wake up open your eyes and stop corruption Assam is ranked first .Anna Hazare will see you soon if you do not help your people.THERE ARE 3,000 YOUNG BOYS HERE IN HOSUR and 1,000 work in EXIDE BATTERIES FACTORY. | Source

A boy from Assam as Security Guard.


A Look at the Map of Assam.

The Lady's of Assam.

The Hanging Bridge at GALEFU.


The Boy's from Assam & Assam.

Here in Hosur more than 3000 boys are working in many small scale and big industries as skilled workers and unskilled workers.Their goal is to earn money and send it to there parents or carry with them when they go each year during festivals,marriage or elections.They are mostly unmarried and do not know the local languages or English.At State Bank of India during the first week of the month they come here and send money or deposit the money if they have an account.Most of them ask for help in filling the bank deposit or remittance forms.The Bank smells odd during such hours as most of them are just young and do not follow healthy habits.Many are found with gutka in their mouth but not cigarettes in their pockets.The language they speak Assamese is not at all understood and not possible to speak even few words repeatedly.They are friendly but keep themselves aloof with their friends.Every one has a cell phone and its only the one brand which gives them free talk time from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

What should be done to improve the people of Assam as they are indulging in bad methods to make quick money by anti Indian activities,by robbing people,by forcing people to pay at borders and other methods.Its no choice for industries as transport and other costs will be a problem.Qualified young people of Assam would rather work in better places which offers them good pay and perks besides social contacts and job opportunities.Assam which has 21 districts in today's map has only 22.60 lakhs population.Just over 1.10 lakhs population per each district.Is it not possible to provide jobs to all the people.The industry which employees large number of people who can be trained is textiles.Is it not possible to work a textile mill in Assam.Just a 25,000 spindle textile mill spinning all man made fibers in all mills but kept same fiber in each mill different so as to get a large variety of man made fiber yarns and also to keep only 2 types or counts per each mill.NITRA the North India Textile Research Association would render all help in setting up these mills in each district and there by would keep the entire state very much job a oriented state.


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