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Who Taught You To Hate?

Updated on May 30, 2016
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Patrick Patrick just recently started posting articles on Hubpages. He is a graduate with a degree in Bio-medical Sciences.

Show Some Love

We Don't Need to Hate
We Don't Need to Hate | Source

Why Do You hate? Really!!

It's literary everywhere, from school all the way to religion - So much hate.

I have asked this time and time again- why on earth do people follow blindly?

A good soldier is described as one who follows orders. A soldier is not supposed to ask questions, change plans or hesitate- he/she is simply expected to follow orders to the letter. You see mate, in this situation, all the thinking has already been done by those at the top. They are the experts and their decisions are the only that matters. But that is military stuff, let's get back to society and the ordinary people...

We have free will, which simply means that we have the freedom to choose what to do in different situations. We have the capacity to think for ourselves and decide which paths to follow, what to accept and what to reject, to do the right thing or that which is wrong. If all this is true then how come we allow others to tell us how to think and how to live our lives?

Ok, this is not to say that we should not listen to reason or turn down a piece of sound advice- not at all. But the sad truth is that some people are incapable of thinking. The exercise is just too much for them- it is not something they want to spend time one. It is at this very point that we have ourselves a big problem. There is nothing more dangerous than an idle or empty mind-why you ask? It is simple really, you can fill an idle/empty mind with anything- all sorts of thoughts, beliefs and opinions. You can make soldiers out of such individuals- perfect soldiers at that.

True, we are all products of society to some extent; but it is empty or idle minds that will follow and agree with every belief or teachings of others- perfect little tools they are.

Slavery of the mind- that is what I call it. All someone needs to do is snap their fingers and these individuals will do whatever they are told without question. Why do we allow others to plant their seeds of hate in our minds and hearts? Are we really that weak?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself who you really are? Just take a minute and think about it. Who are you? Are you some piece of cloth that others use to wipe their hands with and then throw away? An empty shell of a person to serve the purposes of others? You have to understand this mate, you are not just some tool to be used in any way that others desire. You are an individual with a mind and the freedom to make the right decision.

Many have allowed themselves to be filled with so much hate that they become blinded to the truth. Like I have mentioned in another post- it is the 21st century and some young people still hate others on the basis of race and cultural backgrounds. I cannot even begin to understand such individuals. I can never understand such hatred- it makes no sense to me; none. It really is sad that my generation, and even the next generation will not get to see a world where no one hates another on the basis of race or ethnical backgrounds. The dot- com generation has certainly failed. We have allowed those who "know it all" to influence our thoughts and decisions. We have allowed them to make us their instruments of death and destruction while they sit and count their profits.

Peaceful co- existence between people of different cultures and background is probably far away. Very far away. In this day and age we still have those who use racial slurs against others, threaten others because they belong to different cultural backgrounds, kill them and continually abuse them. This will be taught to the next generation and they will also hate each other. What is more annoying and sad is that some leaders continually use this very strategy to keep the ordinary man from actually seeing what is happening in the world and thus get their way in whatever evil thing they want to do.

So, before allowing your mind to be filled with hatred please ask yourself- why am I listening to this?

Let's love

A majority of people are affiliated to one religion or another and the reality is that a majority of these preach love and acceptance. So where is the hate coming from? Even away from religion, why do we have to allow ourselves to be influenced to hate? There are so much issues affecting us as human beings, and our collective efforts are necessary to overcome them - hunger, famine, diseases and the ever deteriorating environment. If only we could focus on these issues as a people. That would have such beautiful results.

Do let me know what you think about this topic. Also let me know what we as human beings can do to overcome our differences and live together in harmony.

Say no to hate, say no to racism

Say no to hate, say no to racism
Say no to hate, say no to racism | Source


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