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Who Truly Inspire Us?

Updated on May 11, 2017

Whom we Follow?

There are thousands of books on leadership, some of you thinking maybe you should read a couple, and in each you will most likely find a common competency required is to inspire others. But truly speaking we in our life, we not only admire celebrity, we can actually follow and admire the people who are surrounding us, our parents, brother, uncle, grandparents, teacher or colleagues. Well there are few common traits of course that can be surely enlisted like a smiling face, helpful attitude, overwhelming enthusiasm and of course kindness.

There were a good showing of those who get inspiration through religious leaders or biblical references. The words used, no matter what religious reference was mentioned, were around love, hope, grace, and humbleness. So much around faith is directed towards doing well.

Several organizations with a mission around helping others we know. We had politicians, philanthropists, and activists. There were survivors, or heroes, who have overcome tragedies or other adversity. Named were a few authors or poets who inspire us with words. And even some entertainers and sports figures made the list. Those who had leveraged their fame to make a difference.

Well I would not have probably able to enlist them, these unless I myself encounter this first hand, in my hospital stay for few days. We never realize the inspiring people are actually common and ordinary people, they need not be a great author, or politician or a great personality. It’s just few common people, most of the time we just overlook their contributions, but we realize their importance when we are in a not so normal condition.

Inspiring Incidence or Just Common Experience

Here are some common sentences and the power words that is what the crux of being feeling inspired. I am sure which we have definitely encounter sometimes in our life.

Smiling and Positive Attitude (a has miracle power)

  • Her wonderful, positive energy and can-do spirit makes me feel we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to.
  • Her passion and positive attitude is contagious! I need some of that to rub off on me from time to time.
  • I have NEVER seen her without a smile on her face! When she steps into a room it lights up with anticipation of her infectious joyful spirit!
  • She is always smiling and uplifting other people. She genuinely cares about everyone she works with. She has such a kind soul.
  • Always, always, always has a smile, and a kind word for everyone
  • Her enthusiasm, energy and everlasting positive outlook
  • She brings Joy everywhere she goes. Her job has to be very stressful, but she always has a smile on her face, which, in turn, makes you want to be happier and do your best work.

Commitment and Passion (Most Powerful Force)

  • She pushes me to grow and develop, she challenges me to think in new ways and she is 100% committed to doing the right thing.
  • She has never backed away from a challenge. Even when she is filled up with her own duties, she will take a look at what you may have brought her to see. She is humble and kind, the way humanity was meant to be.
  • She puts people first, dreams big, makes things happen, and makes things better.
  • Creativity beyond words - truly inspires commitment and action
  • She has an amazing attitude and is so incredibly smart! If I had to choose one person in the hospital that I would want to be more like, I would choose her!
  • It is evident every day, in every encounter--whether it's a patient, family or team member that he loves what he does and that his high level of enthusiasm is because he cares deeply about the work done at ---! You can't be around him and not be engaged, motivated and excited!
  • She has a "can do" attitude and always seems to be positive, regardless of the situation.
  • Provides exceptional care to her patients and families; compassion without judging; great advocate.
  • His ability to connect with his patients like no other physician
  • Passion for engaging patients and families and how she lives that every day
  • The Families (patient, parents and families were mentioned specifically)
  • They are amazing!!!! Some of them are literally fighting for their lives and they keep going and keep pushing.

Teacher and Mentor (Can Change a Society)

  • She has been my mentor and inspiration through the entire project. She raises me up when I lose confidence, is my biggest supporter and cheerleader, the best teammate in the world, and true friend. I wouldn't want to do this job with anyone else
  • She shares her love of reading, growing, and continuous learning. A true mentor.
  • Her wisdom in stressful situations.
  • Doesn't matter what she might have on her plate, she is ever pleasant and welcoming to you, willing to listen to what you need to say.
  • He is intelligent, forward thinking, optimistic, funny, and he believes in investing/teach employees
  • She pushes me to grow and develop, she challenges me to think in new ways and she is 100% committed to doing the right thing.
  • She is an amazing mentor and role model
  • She is a compassionate, caring, and dedicated lady who is always willing to help and learn something new. She is willing to teach others and is a great mentor
  • Her determination to help kids in any way possible to overcome life’s difficulties.

Colleagues (Can easily Influence Us)

He is that guy behind the scenes that makes it all work for our team. Day in and day out, he handles a zillion small details that impact experience and employee engagement. He does it with energy, with attention to detail and with the heart of a servant leader.

Everyone loves him. He has an inspiring story to share with everyone and has shown regardless of the circumstances the positive will come thru.

Gives tirelessly of herself for our most vulnerable situations

Often, I find myself thinking that if faced with what some our these folks are faced with, I would fold up like a dirty dishrag, be unable to put one foot in front of the other and/or be angry and mad all the time. They, however, and as a rule, are smiling, respectful and grateful. It inspires me to be a better person, snuff out any negativity, be grateful for my lot in life, and ignore the tiny things that will not matter in a day.

As a Mom or Dad, I can't imagine the pain of watching your child be SO sick and you feel helpless. As an Aunt or Uncle to a terminally ill child, I see the pain and the lack of rest, the anger, the helplessness. I also see the strength and the faith that they lean on.

The ones that still smile and play and are positive despite a serious diagnosis.

Life Lesson

When I "think" I am having a tough day I take a stroll around the reflection pond of these memories. Out there you will find parents or friend or husbands or wife living out their worst nightmare as they are unable to "fix" their loved one illness. They have to turn that control over to the Hospital and they are out around the pond calling loved ones. To have to repeat to loved ones over and over again their desperation and crisis as they wait for a fix. Sometimes that fix never comes and sometimes we don’t have that patience to wait for it.

The saying, words matter, certainly lived up to its reputation as people were honored and humbled to have been thought of.

But a little positive sign, is never excess but always lacking in our life. Those things inspire me and bow our head to good lord to say THANK YOU, I am happy and lucky, and whatever I have. It drives me to do better and try harder every day and become truly inspired.


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