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Who Will Change The World?

Updated on January 15, 2016

Time passes just like a wave. People come and go, but most of the people are not affected by it. It is the routine that we, human, have been following for ages. That is the fundamental law that cannot be changed by anyone, even big or small. So, what we people can do is to make our planet better for the coming generations. Imagine if you had been born in the Nazi Germany, as a Jew. Probably after one or two years, you would have been executed. But, the seeds of Nazi have been completely thrown out. Who brought this change? I know, you will have the answer as ‘The Allied Nation’ in the corner of your mind. But, who constituted these Allied Nations? The answer of this question is synchronous to the question in the title. Who will change the world? The answer is simple (and probably, you would have guessed it already). We, humans, will change the world. It is not as if cats and dogs can change the world too, but, what I mean is that every single human being alive can contribute a mere part in the changing of the world.

What I am actually saying is not that everyone should go nuts, and try to change the world. They should contribute a small part to change the world. Do a quick calculation in your mind: Suppose everyone in the world becomes a lunatic and does 1 per cent to change the world. The total will be 7 billion per cent, if everyone does more than enough. Just imagine this, the change would be approximately 6.99 billion per cent more than what was really required. And the result will be simple, pure chaos.

The change would be more than what we would be able to endure. And the heroic vows that we took to change the world would become the reason for apocalypse. It would be like; Hero to Zero. And that is what we have to look after. You all must have heard, “More knowledge, more danger.” That would be the situation, “More change, more danger.” And the word ‘danger’ would just be an understatement. It would be nothing that words can express.

The Oath:

The Result:

What I am saying is that we should try not to take decisions that would affect generations to come. We should only take decisions which affect the near future, and not just affect, which has the ability to bring about a change. If we think this and take decisions, only a small fraction would really be able to bring about a change. If everyone strives to change the world, the views would not match, it would lead to conflicts and more chaos. The world around ourself is vast, you don’t even know what people would be doing in the other corner of the world. And trying to affect the far-away future will bring nothing but even more chaos. That is why I’m urging people to do what’s best for their grandchildren, not their grand ‘raised-to-the-power-10' children. When you think about making near future better, you are actually thinking to make the future better. But, when you think to change the far-away future, you will make the present worse.

In this era, people are continuously bringing about changes, and some are doing things that we cannot even imagine. Great people of this era, like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and many others, they are (or 'were’ in the case of Steve Jobs) doing what’s best for the near future. Do you think the rockets or the electric cars, that Elon Musk is making now, will affect the far-away future? Do you think that the computers or any other product being produced by Microsoft will continue affecting the world even after centuries? The answer, most certainly, is a hell-no. But, they still are being seen as the game-changers, and influential people by the eyes of most if the people. Why? Because they are doing what is best for the near future, not creating some super-crazy machines that will be used even after centuries.

The thing is that everyone currently alive has the potential to bring about a change. What we have to understand is how much change will be beneficial for our society. Imagine after crushing the Germans in the Second World War, the Allies had taken control over Germany, believing that it will make the country great after some decades. Then, what would have happened was that the Aryans would have been devastated, as they were getting over-the-line treatment in the Nazi Germany. And the Jews would have been totally delighted. They would get their rights, and they would get back what they had lost (just a matter of speech). This would have bought up more conflict between these two factions. So, the allies left it over the country to decide their fate, and they did what was right. See Germany now, one of the most developed countries in the world.

Changing the world is a very serious topic. We have to change the world, but not so much that it would endanger our existence. We should not sit down at the thought that in some corner of the world, a person would be doing something for making our lives better. The person who will make our lives better would be no one but yourself. So, we have to understand this, either the right way, or the hard way. But, we have to understand this. Changing the world would surely require some work, but if we are determined, it will be nothing. The answer to the title, in a nutshell, is we will change the world.

Thanks everyone for reading!!

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