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Who are Terrorists? How did they Become Terrorists?

Updated on August 4, 2016

People are not inhumane, savage, and evil. They who kill and destroy are ordinary people, just like anybody else. They are fathers, brothers and sons. They could be doctors, engineers and lawyers. They could be co-workers or next door neighbors.

So what goes on in their minds when they act violently?

It is the TEACHING that influences them to act violently, and if religion is added into this teaching then it adds fuel to the fire. When their minds are influenced by negative teaching, they don't think they are harming anyone, rather they think they are obeying God’s commandments and doing is assuring themselves a place in Paradise (Heaven).

They think they are doing a duty towards God which is holy. So killing, destroying becomes holy and sacred when religion teaches it to do so. Otherwise, God has given man a heart of compassion and love. But today, their evil deed has become righteous and the best deed for God. They are saying evil is good if it is done FOR God.

I believe those who have not learned the religious book are better than those who learn it, which shows it is the teaching of the book that makes one a murderer.

Martyr of a Christian Vs Martyr of a Terrorist

During the past two millenniums, several Christians were martyred for the cause of our Lord's Church. Being martyred as a Christian is much different than the terrorists who are inspired by SATAN to CHOOSE a time to be a martyr. Christians never chose the time to be a martyr. But, if a Born Again Christian being in a certain place at a certain time following our Lord happens to become a martyr in that event, it is always the happiest experience in his life. Becoming a martyr in this way is not a judgment of Our Father, it is His great blessing.

Can Christ Save a Terrorist?

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There Will Not be Any Terrorists in Heaven

Night time is a troubling time for many people in our society, following the terrorist attacks on our nation. Many people feel fear more at night. There are two reasons for this.

  • They do not usually see as many people at night as they do in the daytime, and thus they feel more alone at night.
  • They also know that a terrorist could be getting ready to do something or doing something in the darkness, and no one sees what the terrorist is doing under the cover of darkness.

These types of fear will never happen in Heaven and there are two reasons:

  • There will not be any terrorists in Heaven because there will not be anyone in Heaven who could do an evil activity.
  • Most importantly, though the fact is that there will not be any night or darkness in Heaven (see Revelation 21:23-25), when the future becomes “now” and the time factor is not present anymore, there will not be any nights and days as you presently understand what a night and a day is. Neither will there be any sun or moon because Our Father, Who is light, will be the total light in Heaven and for all of Heaven all through eternity.

Holy Spirit Wants to Give you Some Instructions

During these times, you need to take care of yourself through the ability God has given you to do, like proper food, rest, and work. However, on the other hand, you need to pray, read the Bible, and have fellowship with the saints (by not neglecting your local churches) as this fellowship can give you strength.

In times of trouble and crisis, you need to keep your eyes of faith on the BIBLE TRUTH that Our Father, Creator of Planet Earth and the Universe of Planet Earth, was the One who would help you and take care of you. Do not let fears of the dangers around you be more important to you than the Bible truth of Our Father's promised help.

The dangers coming from storms, natural disasters, economic problems, wars, terrorist's attacks, crimes, and murders will CONTINUE TO INCREASE as the history of Planet Earth moves closer to the time of Antichrist. My dear friends, the decision for you and other Born Again Christians is much like that of Apostle Peter as he started to WALK ON WATER.

If you begin to give importance to the fears of these dangers around you, it will result in little faith. But, if you give importance to the truth that—“My help comes from the Lord, which made heaven and earth”—you will have faith through which Holy Spirit can give you a joyful life and direct you to fulfill the purpose for which Our Father created you!

Our Father wants every born again Christian to know that the Bible is the most important and sacred Book available to us, because it is our Father's proclamation to us human beings living on Planet Earth! We must study the Bible of what our Father says in the scriptures, so that when difficult times come upon us, we will not be surprised or taken unaware and know how to handle such situations.

Children Being Recruited as Suicide Bombers

WHY DO ADULTS HAVE THIS TENDENCY OF GETTING RID OF CHILDREN? This is part of the sinful human nature that has a tendency of doing away children when they interfere with adults. I have shared a message stating Jesus loves all the children of the world and they are very close to our Father's heart, and He is greatly grieved at what Satan is doing against little children.

The leaders of a nation who believe in holy war had placed some of their children and women between the soldiers of their army and the soldiers of their enemy's army. They were willing to sacrifice little children for the sake of the war the adults were fighting. At the cost of the children, the adults wanted to have victory. They were showing that CHILDREN ARE OF INFERIOR AND OF LESS IMPORTANCE TO THEM AND GOD. This is Satan teaching the world that children can be sacrificed for the benefit of adults.

There are also some groups who are training people to do acts of terrorism for their nation by training small children to be terrorists or suicide bombers. These people are recruiting children as suicide bombers. Some children are even kidnapped and taken to training camps and they are told they will go to heaven if they kill enemies.

Some children even have been given amulets with verses telling them that it would protect them from the explosion. Their trainers lie to them that when the bomb explodes, everyone around them will die but they will survive.

Some children are asked to carry a bag with explosives without their knowledge and move in a crowded place and they detonate the explosives and the child dies as the control was with someone else.

Some children are even threatened that they would cut off their hand if they do not carry the explosives. These children are made human bombs and they get rid of the children for their belief. The children are even used to fight against government.

In one war, I had heard how the enemies of Israel made children to stand before the Israel army knowing that they would not shoot the children, but they gave the children guns and when the army shot the children to protect themselves, pictures were taken of the army killing children, when in fact, the children were trained and used in the act of suicide.


Faith Can Even Save a Terrorist!

If this devotional has blessed you, kindly pass it on and share with someone. Be a blessing to others. There is someone waiting for this message and maybe God has ordained you to pass on this message.


God is able to save everybody, He is able to save murderers, killers, and even terrorists. God can save serial killers and rapists if they hear, believe, and receive the grace Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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