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Who are gazetted officers in indian government?

Updated on November 3, 2011

So, you were searching for

  • Who are gazetted officers?,
  • What is the work of such peoples or government employers?,
  • Why these government officials are recognized as 'gazetted'?.

To Clarify Such questions, I did a little bit research but before that, first take a look on this "Article 309 of the Constitution of India" which is responding to your queries in short & clear form.

Article 309 of the Constitution of India (Part XIV Services under the Union and States) specifies the recruitment and service conditions of persons serving under the Union and States.
Under this power, names of the Class I officers either recruited or promoted by UPSC, along with legal notices, amendments to recruitment rules, etc are published in the Official Gazette of India. And all such officers listed in the gazette are therefore called Gazetted Officers.

Points to be noted:

  1. Only, officials of Indian government are recognized as gazetted officers.
  2. All central & state Government employees falling under class 1 category are Gazetted Officers i.e officers such as IAS, IPS, Senior Auditors, Doctors, Managers (government sector company) etc.
  3. There is a publication published in India with name 'Gazette' on regular basis focusing on promotion of certain government officials. The name of any person having in that list is now gazetted (Should be recognized as gazetted) and has power to sign documents of others wherever needed.

Class 1 Includes Employees Like:

  • All India services, though posted to states,
  • Police officers of Circle Inspector and higher ranked,
  • Additional District Civil surgeons,
  • Executive Engineers and higher ranked,
  • District Medical Officer and higher ranked,
  • Principals of Government colleges and higher ranked,

You can go to officers falling in these categories for the purposes like attesting your documents and the attested work is done by putting a mark of seal (provided by Indian government) and signature of officer on either your photo or in your document.


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    • profile image

      pargat singh 2 years ago

      is govt uundertaking bank manager is the gazetted officer

    • profile image

      need help 2 years ago

      do notary come under gazetted office???

    • itech profile image

      Krishna 2 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Ask your dad!

    • profile image

      sravani 2 years ago

      My father is a gazetted officer so can he sign on my documents??

    • profile image

      Hitesh Vaghela 3 years ago

      Kya Notary Gazetted officer hote hai??

    • profile image

      charanjit singh 3 years ago

      is lecturer in punjab school education department gazetted officer or non gazetted officer?

    • profile image 3 years ago

      Is counsellor of the area is the gazetted officer

    • profile image 3 years ago

      stop the notary

    • profile image

      Arun Kumar Datta 3 years ago

      Pl let me know whether officer of Bureau of Indian Standards, Scientist B cadre are Gazetted officer.

    • profile image


      Can Gazetted Officer, Grade-II can do Union's work as a Office Bearer in Central Government Department ? If no, then what is the punishment for it or can fix disciplinary action under FRSRor CCS Rules ?

    • profile image

      anand 4 years ago

      can a public notary attest the documents????

    • profile image

      haree shankar 4 years ago

      head department gazetted or not plz tell me

    • profile image

      deepankar 4 years ago

      is medical officer in sail (sru) a gazetted officer?

    • profile image

      ram 4 years ago

      Will a state govt registered trade union president be called as a gazetted rank , officer plz tell ...

    • profile image

      suraj 4 years ago

      can Honorary Magistrate attest ???

    • profile image

      neetu 4 years ago

      i am lecturer in govt aided polytechnic can i attest the documents & photos and what i am gazetted officer

    • profile image

      chandan das 4 years ago

      municipality finance officer gazetted officer?

    • profile image

      verdon 4 years ago

      is lecturer in govt aided polytechnic a class 2 officer

    • profile image

      narendra agrahari 4 years ago

      is rbi grade b officer is group a post

    • profile image

      jagdish 4 years ago

      is assistant professor of degree colleges of j and k state a grade 1 officer

    • profile image

      Your name 4 years ago

      is asst.professor of a govt college a GRADE A OFFICER

    • profile image

      akshit v jain 4 years ago

      does vice-principal of a private school come under grade A or B?

    • profile image

      shivaraman g 4 years ago

      is NCC jonal officer a Group A officer?

    • profile image

      raj pratikshit 5 years ago

      Public Servants who belong to Gazetted Officers in Uttar Pradesh, India-

      Group A: Assistant Professors (Grade Pay 6,000 Rs. and 7,000 Rs) / Associate Professors (Grade Pay 8,000 Rs. and more) Principals of Government Degree/PG Colleges only (equivalent Grade Pay 10,000 Rs.) as per state service rules/higher education rules of UP. Group B: PCS (Who’s Grade Pay is more or above than 6,600 Rs. are belongs to Group A), CMO (Medical Officer), PPS (Who’s Grade Pay is more or above than 6,600 Rs.), PCS (J) etc. Group C: Lower PCS, SHO and other i.e. gram vikas officers (recent government notification, 2012). It must be noted that only Professors/Officers (Assistant/ Associate/ Professors) and Principal (who is promoted from Associate Professors) of Government Degree Colleges are directly belong to Group A (Class I) service in the state selected through UPPSC. Other officers i. e (PCS, PPS, PCS-J) are recruited in Group B (Class II) and get promoted in Group A after availing 6,600 Rs. grade pay, i.e. 6th Pay Commission). And, it is better to contact group A or B public servants for certification/ verification.

    • profile image

      s sandeep 6 years ago

      pls give me details of class one officer's post in indian railway