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Who Did You Vote For in This Election?

Updated on November 18, 2016

With Clinton winning the popular vote by a sliver, and Trump receiving more electoral college votes than expected, I'm curious to see who everyone really voted for.


Who did you vote for?

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Interestingly enough this is my first election being that I am 20 years old. I always knew elections could make people heated, but this one has been very different than ones in the past. The two candidates were very unattractive to the general public in my opinion. With the secrets that Clinton tried to desperately hide, to Trump's rude and offensive comments. Almost all of my friends and family had a tough time determining who to vote for in this election. What made it worse is like I mentioned above, I'm 20. All of my friends are around the same age as me and this was almost all of ours first election. What made it even tougher on us first time voters was that it was hard to find facts about each candidate among all of the hate and negativity going around the media and social media. It was nearly impossible to figure out what was true and what wasn't. For my generation, I can say that most of us voted without really knowing who we were voting for. Hilary was a criminal to us and Trump was an asshole. In a nutshell, that's what we were going off of. And for those of you say that my generation should be more educated on this type of thing, well you're right to a certain degree. But let me say this, not many people around my age even find politics remotely interesting. On top of that, my generation is extremely prone to being followers and jumping on whatever their friends are going for. It's unfortunate, but true in MOST cases. For example I have always found my grandfather very knowledgeable and I decided to go for whoever he was voting for because I trust him more than anyone. My friends were all voting for Hillary just because Trump was an "asshole". No real facts to back that statement up besides his rude comments about women. But let's be honest, we ALL have rude comments, he just doesn't know how to say them to himself. Anyway, I went with Hillary as well due to the small window of time that I had with my grandfather over the phone. I trust him a lot like I said above, but honestly all of that could have been false because I had no idea of what was true anymore in this election. So Trump is now president and honestly, I could care less because I didn't know much about what each candidate truly stood for or what their promises were. Currently there is a lot of hate and negativity going around due to Trump winning the election. In my opinion, all of the riots and crazy stuff that has been happening is unnecessary and is only making things worse. If everyone moves on and makes the best of what we have to work with, these 4 years will go by faster than most of us think. Please vote on my poll because I am curious to who you guys voted for. Also feel free to comment on why you voted for them.


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