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Hillary for President and Donald as Vice President? It could have been possible.

Updated on July 30, 2016

The conventions are finally over and the fight between the two parties continue. In his speech at the Democratic convention, President Obama addressed conflict stating that conflict is good and conflict certainly can lead to progress in this nation. Donald Trump based his speech on keeping America first stating that safety for people living in this country is key. He would look at immigration as one key factors that can prevent Americans from being safe in this country. One human issue with immigration reform is that of sex trafficking which Hillary Clinton has fought as a progressive humanist and seeks out ways to thwart the sex trade. Humans are being smuggled into this country illegally for sex. The candidates running for this presidency touch on this human issue that overlaps, common ground yes, yet are the two of them are too proud to move the conversation forward and get over this conflict that President Obama talked about. Is that a flaw in our two party system that is evident during election time? The two are driven by their ego's and fueled by the Republican and Democratic engines that inflate their egos. So while both candidates are obviously good for this country, then why is it that one will most likely withdraw from the picture even though the voice of the nation, we the people, had voted these two the best to compete for presidency? I think this country should reconsider going back to what our forefathers had as a model. The person who gets the most votes becomes president and the runner up is vice president? Perhaps this model would suggest today that true leaders work together and do not let their ego's get in the way yet today's election there seems to be a lack of hope that our two party system can get along. What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel the government, by showing us the two top party people working together for the people by the people would be more efficient and make more sense? In other words yes, Hillary Clinton and Donal Trump in office one as the President and one as the Vice President collaborating for the better America they promise us in their speeches. In a true democracy, we the people should have the power to change the rules however sometimes the rules are not so easily changed because of not being able to overcome conflict and letting the two party system ego prevent us from working together.

Perhaps if the rules were the way they were prior to 1804 where the winner and the runner up took office things would be much different knowing that if you lose you would be the Vice President to the person your running against. Would the two be engaged in attacking one anthers reputations and rather a more focused approach and respectful approach towards helping one another out. Its a fixed mindset scenario that exists today and real reform and change could be brought about knowing the person your going to defeat or lose against will be the person that is second in command and the person you will work with for the next 4 to 8 years. I think the hate and rhetoric that is spewed by these 2 candidates would hopefully be less. Imagine that world of change, of a fixed mindset that could better improve the system. After all, politicians are supposed to work for the people and that gets lost today in the medial frenzy. A lot more focus on the negatives about the two candidates than the positives are also portrayed. Could America be better if these two people, Donald and Hillary teamed up to continue to improve government as it exists today?


Should we change the 12th amendment so that Hillary and Trump could both be in office?

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    • profile image

      Shannon 16 months ago

      Collaboration between the parties needs to happen and politicians need to put their egos aside and work for the greater good of the country. As a female, college educated, middle class, forty year old, I find myself not identifying as purely as a Repbulican or Democratic, but rather as something in between. In order for our society to function, we need to honor and take into account all views, and then make the best decision based upon the information at hand; therefore, by the R's & D's working together, instead of on a superficial based more could be accomplished.