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Who is AckermannMD?

Updated on May 25, 2009

The advocacy lives!!!

I've been visiting friends from different hospitals; some from the friendly list and some from the avoid list. Some have been direct sources of substantial information and some who had been given second hand information.

If I would be strictly vigilant with my advocacy, I would end up having lots of enemies.

Though I am ready and seemingly tough (hahahaha), I think I can beat them with my Mafia in Mafia wars.

Seriously speaking, being AckermannMD has been a rollercoaster ride. At first, it was scary but I was excited to do something out of the box. My friends weren't aware of this alter ego that I had and there were some instances were I was too eager to divulge my identity. I had to keep myself quiet and below the radar. Only a few close friends knows who I am and they have been my jubilant sources of substantial information. I call them my 007 agents but with no techy gadgets. Hahahaha!!!

There was this one scenario where I visited a friend in a hospital south of Manila and at that time I was looking for a deeper purpose and meaning for my advocacy. I was surprised to hear from a fan (just my dream) that he/she was pleased with my list and he/she is excited and wants to hear and read more from my list. Indeed it was a breath of fresh air and it reinvigorated my desire and passion.

Though I may viewed as someone too opinionated and too emotional, what matters most is that I imparted the information that may be of help and some sort of a guide to us all. Some would ridicule and persecute me but what is important is the greater effect: "The benefit outweighs the harm."

These past months I've been quite busy and I've been receiving alot of messages from fellow doctors. It took me months to recuperate from adjusting with my training but then again I'm back with a new sense of light and direction.

May the Holy Spirit give us the fire and courage to stand up for our rights!


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    • AckermannMD profile image

      AckermannMD 8 years ago from Des Plaines, Illinois

      If you have some stuff to divulge and you need a medium to do so, feel free to message me at my account, AckermannMD.


      God Bless to us all!

    • profile image

      .... 8 years ago

      hey u just gave me a boost of confidence...i actually am itching to do this alter ego blogger thing myself. thanks for inspiring me.