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Who is Carlos Slim?

Updated on March 13, 2010

 It is very ironic that the the world's richest man, Carlos Slim, is a Mexican. Carlos is worth $53.5 Billion. Yeah, that is with a "B". Ironic because Mexico is not exactly known for wealth, in fact, it is quite the opposite impression tourists get there: poverty, drug crimes, cartels, mass murders. More so, Mexico is proud and angry at Slim. Proud as to what one man has achieved, and angry about his wealth.

Slim was born to a simple shopkeeper seventy years ago. He became an engineer and learned how to save failing companies and then resell for a big profit. He now owns many retail, telecom, manufacturing and construction companies in Mexico. In fact, with all the subsidiaries involved, Mexicans are paying Slim all the time as they  talk over a cell phone at a shopping mall while paying a bill at a bank--all owned by Carlos Slim! Then, maybe they will go have a bite to eat at a restaurant, again, owned by Slim.

Slim owns most of Telmex, the firm that owns 83% of the land lines in Mexico and its leading Internet provider. He owns a top selling cell phone business and merging with TV production. He owns Sears and Saks retail stores in Mexico.

Mexico has 107 million people, of which, 50 million are in poverty, while another 19 million are in extreme poverty, those who do not earn enough to buy food. This is what angers many Mexicans, Carlos Slim has not been a generous man with his money to help the poor. His donations fall far below that of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet (who are the 2nd and 3rd most richest men). Carlos is not generous and for a single man with so much wealth, where, donating $500,000,000 to relief agencies would be a mere drop in his wealth, he feels little compassion for his fellow citizens to do this.

And where was Carlos Slim in the Haitian or Chile earthquake relief? No se. El hombre es silencio.


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    • ktn6699 profile image


      6 years ago

      Great article~

    • profile image

      Your mom 

      8 years ago

      There is a reason why Carlos Slim did not directly give away his wealth to his people like that. He believes that problems should be solved by getting to the root of the problem, not by giving away money, which would only be a short term solution. He would rather create more jobs and donate money for education so that future generations have a better chance than their predecessors to be successful and make something of themselves, rather than take the easy way out and just accept donations.

      He believes that the only way we can truly solve the ongoing problem of poverty is to indirectly donate money to institutions that will help educate the people, which would thus help them get jobs, therefore helping them get financially stable. All by themselves. People do not need the help of donations to live comfortably.

      thank you for coming to your senses.


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