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Who is Jeremy Corbyn

Updated on September 15, 2015


Corbyn assumed office just a few days ago, he caused a stir throughout British politics with is ''Far-Left'' views and his views on the Falkland islands. Corbyn's policies are considered out of this world for many British voters because they seem impossible to work, many British voters have learnt that every Labour Party has bought debt to our country, this is why many voters chose to vote Conservative in the May General Elections '15.

Corbyn's Policies

Corbyn is well-known throughout Britain for having a ''No War'' stance he made it quite clear when he said that he will block David Cameron's attempt to bomb Syria, as it'll ''...kill many people, and may not kill ISIL'' He also voted against bombing Syria two years ago. He said ''It'll be the innocent Syrians who suffer''. Another example is that he is against the Trident in the United Kingdom; he is on par with the SNP in that he is against the Trident programme even though it secures British shores.

Corbyn plans to create a ''National Education Service'' which would be similar to the NHS in which it'll provide free universal education for all across the United Kingdom.

He also wants to renationalise all energy companies across the UK, because it will ''Bring prices for energy down''.


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