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Who is Ron Paul?

Updated on June 19, 2012

Don't Steal

Ron Paul Republican Presidential Candidate for President

Ron Paul is the champion of the constitution, he has been elected to congress ten times and has delivered more than 4,000 babies as a MD. Ron Paul is currently running for President of the United States in 2012. He has ran for president in 1988, 2008, and now in 2012.

Hopefully this time Ron Paul will get his voice heard around the country. Ron Paul wants to eliminate these programs, The Federal Reserve, the IRS, Department of Education, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, and much more. Ron Paul also advocates no income tax, he explains if you have a small government you don't need an income tax.

He would like to eliminate all of these programs because the cost to run them gets put on the tax payer.. Let me explain, the government has no money, so there is only three ways they can get it, tax people, print it, or borrow it. When you have an income tax it is stealing your hard earned money and you end up struggling more especially in a bad economy.  The income tax along with The Federal Reserve were put into place in 1913.

If they print the money it lowers the value of our dollar and prices end up going up, that is called inflation. The Federal Reserve was given the power to print money and is really a private bank. So when this private bank prints our money they charge us interest. Now since the government has no money you might be asking who pays the interest on it? Well that's where the income tax comes in and, that is why the income tax and The Federal Reserve were created at the same time.  

If they borrow the money it puts our country into debt.  Deficits are bad because they end up printing the money to pay it off and this further devalues the dollar.  In The US Constitution it states only gold and silver to be legal tender.  The reason is because the founders of this country knew about inflation.  The reason gold is more acceptable than paper is because your limited to on how much you can print.  You are only allowed to print as much money as gold you have.  

Now back to Ron Paul, he understands this, in fact he has been preaching it for over thirty years in office.  He had learned early on that gold is the only viable currency to use.  

Ron Paul also wants to bring home all the troops around the world.  We are in 130 countries and we have over 900 military bases around the world.  To maintain an empire costs money, we support many countries with foreign aid and further devalue the dollar, and we have to pay to keep our troops in these countries.  We can't afford it any longer because we are spending over a trillion dollars a year on it.  Remember the government doesn't have money, they can only steal it.  

Ask yourself a question. Did you vote to go to war? Did you vote to rob the social security fund? Did you vote to bailout all the banks and corporations? If you answered no to these questions then do you feel you should be stuck paying for all of this?


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