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Who is going to Pay for Health Care in America under the Obamacare Plan?

Updated on September 24, 2010

Obamacare to the Rescue - NOT

First off you need to understand that Health Insurance does not equal Health any more than Car Insurance equals no accidents. Health Insurance is a last resort, it’s what people turn to when they have neglected their health due to accident, genetics, ignorance, or apathy. Nearly 1 in 4 adults still smokes… what are they thinking?

Health Insurance will not make you “Healthy”… health is a personal responsibility. In fact relying on Health Insurance as a means to reduce costs is the most expensive possible “solution”. Prevention is the only thing that will reduce costs.

If you have been following the Obamacare Debacle at all you've likely seen a lot of stories popping up across the Web about new provisions of the plan that kick in on Sept 23, 2010. And for every good story their is a bad story. Sure the Caps are going away and some people who are ill who have used up hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars can now get insured. This means that they will pay a small amount and the insurance companies will be forking over a large amount because these people are seriously ill. So this will of course reduce the amount of money available to those in the risk pool to cover costs, thus premiums will raise. I'm not writing this to take issue with this part of the health care reform plan, merely to state the impact it will have - rise premiums dramatically.

Rates are set according to actual claims and “benefit cost trend”, which reflects the future cost of benefits. Affecting benefit cost trend are factors such as medical inflation, provider contracts, use of services, mix and intensity of services, and cost-sharing. Of further consequence are changes in member characteristics, as mentioned above, and administrative costs and taxes. Insurer profits account for a small fraction of the factors behind increasing costs.

Now consider this report that was just released by the Centers for Disease control

One in five gay men in the United States has HIV, and almost half of those who carry the virus are unaware that they are infected, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released Thursday.

That's a lot of sick people who likely do not have insurance. And under Obamacare they will eventually be put into a plan like it or not. Or will they? Seriously AIDS medications are astronomically expensive. Many of the gay population are minorities that have little income. Who will pay for their treatment?

Did you see the reports released this past month after the Census was compiled stating that 1 in 7 Americans (About 45 Million Americans) are living below the poverty level? That level is approximately $22,000 for a family of 4 and close to $12,000 for an individual. Did you know that the average cost of a Family Health Insurance plan for a family of four is $13,000 a year!

Now Obamacare will FORCE the uninsured to purchase healthcare. I mean that's really the whole jist of the plan. Force people to buy so they will have coverage. That's the "solution". As if having coverage somehow suddenly is the way that our country will have a healthy population. It's a farce. Health doesn't not happen because you have health insurance. Health happens because you take care of yourself, eat right, exercise, avoid stress, etc. But even those who do everything "right" are still going to have problems (less problems of course) because in the end we all die of something.

But again the real question is who is going to pay for the insurance for these people? They clearly can not pay because the money isn't there. Legislating a penalty on people who have no money to begin with is just a tax. Should we put the poor in jail? I read that it's about $2,000 a month cost to the tax payer to keep a person in jail. That makes little sense.

Obamacare will of course come to the rescue with "Tax Credits". But "Tax Credits" are not money. You don't get a tax credit check every month, you apply for your credit at tax time. And sure if you have no income the credit will in effect become money, but you have to wait for that credit. In the meantime how do you pay your premiums?

Those clever Democrats incorporated some "Hidden" taxes in the Health Care Reform law. One of which is to tax people 3.8% on the sale of their homes! Yes I know it doesn't start at the lowest amount but only kicks in at higher level but it's still a tax. Many average people count on the appreciation in their homes as part of their retirement. They sell off the family homestead which they purchase early in life, and take the capital gain as their retirement nest egg. Obamacare is going to reach into their pockets. This is not just a tax on the rich!

The Healthcare reform act is also embedded with a requirement that small business send 1099's to every company they purchase more than $600 worth of products from in any calendar year. The amount of paperwork and record keeping costs to maintain these records is a huge expense and burden on small business. The claim is that small business is cheating the Government out of an estimated $19 Billion in under reported taxes. So they Government is going to shift a huge financial burden on to the Small Businessmen who they are effectively calling liars and cheats. At the same time they will need to hire massive amounts of IRS agents and spend millions on buildings and computer systems to enforce this new law.

Harass the small businessmen - way to go Obamacare. And for what a supposed $19 Billion? The Federal Government via congress just approved $7.5 Billion in free handouts to Pakistan. Team Obama gave away $30+ Billion to State Government. Team Obama gave away $160 Billion to AIG. Since 1940 over $114 Billion handed out to Israel. About $4 Billion a month sent to Afghanistan. Billions spent rebuilding IRAQ. And Team Obama wants to penalize small business?

So I ask you again who is going to pay for Obamacare?

Clearly Obamacare has not lowered anyone’s cost. And clearly with 45 Million uninsured with no way to pay for their own Health Care Insurance the deficit is not going to be lowered under Obamacare.

All Obamacare did was create a law to harass the Poor.

This is why the Obamacare law needs to be repealed. Not because Americans don't need comprehensive health care solutions, but because Obamacare does nothing to help those who really need help. Obamacare is a disaster and an expensive unsustainable disaster at that.

The solution is to repeal this mess. Step back and approach the issues one at a time. These mega bills are not working and you are witnessing the destruction of America.

Who Pays for Obamacare?


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