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Who is the most Christian: May or Corbyn?

Updated on April 21, 2017
Claims to be a born again Christian and her father was a vicar
Claims to be a born again Christian and her father was a vicar | Source
Espouses Christ's thinking in his words
Espouses Christ's thinking in his words | Source

With the general election on 8 June we have three candidates who claim to be Christian or at least mirror his teaching in their political beliefs. One is the Lib-Dems Tim Farron but I am not covering him in this piece. That's not a snub either its because out of Corbyn or May he has less chance of being Prime Minister with himself and seven other MP's in Parliament even though it appears after Nick Clegg's defeat in the last general election of 2015 as part of the Conservative/Lib - Dem coalition government (though both parties fought a separate campaign during the election) the Lib - Dems are seeing a surge in support again.

Let us examine Theresa May in her claim to be a Christian and I don't doubt she is genuinely sincere in her belief as she appears to be well respected among Christian groups. As stated before her father was a vicar before unfortunately being killed in a car accident. She was obviously brought up in a Christian environment because of her father's job but do her policies since she has been Prime Minister match up to Christ's teachings?

If one looks at the fact she is continuing with the austerity and cut backs which have an impact on ordinary peoples lives that could be open to question. Also with the cap on welfare which has seen the sick and unemployed suffer because of these cut backs she is just continuing where David Cameron left off. The cut backs to the NHS and Police and although according to figures unemployment has dropped the question is how many of the employed are doing zero hours jobs and having to do two part time jobs just to make ends meet.

Then there is Jeremy Corbyn who because of his socialist credentials appears to mirror what Jesus was talking about. The poor and the deprived are the focus of many of Corbyn's speeches and Corbyn himself has described Jesus Christ as the first socialist even though he came under attack for that. But if you look at the evidence the teachings of Jesus are more for the poor than the rich and Corbyn has a point.

If Corbyn were elected Prime Minister come June 8 would he carry his Socialist/Christian ideals into government with him. Well no one is perfect and everyone has floors however unlike many a politician today Corbyn has a reputation of sticking to his guns when it comes to his core beliefs so it would be an interesting scenario.

Whoever emerges victorious come June 8 they must carry their Christian beliefs whether just political or spiritual or both into getting on with Brexit and implementing their policies for the UK.

Christian socialism

Socialism and Christianity go back a long way and in the UK in the 60's they became a movement known as the Christian Socialist Movement. Today they are known as Christians on the Left and you will find similar anti - capitalist Christian groups through out the world.

Christian socialism is a movement and belief amongst Christians who veer to the left politically and base their beliefs on the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They quote from the Old and New testament to back their core beliefs for example from the Old Testament Ps. 82 (81) 3, 4 and from the New Luke 6: 20, 21.

Finding support for their beliefs in the Bible they believe that capitalism is responsible for the worlds inequality, injustice and oppression.

They believe in social justice and want an egalitarian society where wealth and prosperity are for all and not just for some.

Of course there on those on the right who find support for their beliefs too in scripture but for me Jesus the socialist rings more true.


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 10 months ago from Blackpool

      Thank you for for your feedback

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 10 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      No. And anybody who thinks they can is wrong.