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Who is this Dauntless Beauty?

Updated on February 4, 2012


Oh, she is beautiful and so powerful, but she ain’t no Ordinary Lady……

★ツ She is HMS Dauntless – A Type 45 Destroyer. ★ツ

I will describe her in my own Words:

1) Completely in a league of her own – An Advanced Warship

2) She is very expensive - costs over £1 Billion.

3) Very Sleek and Elegant – Over 152 Metres long.

4) Got eyes everywhere - 48 sea vipers, air tracking radar, making air attacks impossible. The vipers can travel more than 3,000 miles an hour.


5) Tender Loving Care is important to her - She has her own hospital facilities.

6) Bionic Woman - the ability to detect targets over 250 miles away .

7) You can’t win a fight with her – she can Launch missiles that will hit anything as small as a cricket ball.

8) Kind of Pretty - She has a red dragon printed on her bow. You can spot it in the photo above.


She was built for the Royal Navy


HMS Dauntless will sail to the Falkland Islands in March 2012. Argentinans are not too happy about her arrival and last month (January) they set fire to union flags (uk flags) declaring ‘England should get out of the Falklands’ and ‘Break ties. Well, Prince William will also be deployed to Falklands soon. I hope they go gentle on him.

The reason

There has been friction between Britain and Argentina since they fought a brief war over the Falklands islands in 1982. The friction intensified in 2010, when British companies found oil offshore in the North Falklands Basin, but I am sure they will keep away from Lady Dauntless!!


She's got Cute Staff too...




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