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Who killed Micheal Jackson?

Updated on October 6, 2009

Was it a government plot?

 Like all celebrity and high profile figures, when they are killed or die in unsual circumstances, conspiracy theories become prolific.  We all seem to have some desire to think that there is a bigger presence dictating the lives of famous people.  Steering the stars and politicians in some way to further a bigger political or secret agenda.

In fairness, I could have substituted any famous persons name in the title and still attracted a raft of hits, all eager to hear the latest theory on their untimely death that was plotted behind closed doors.

I'm afraid I have no new evidence, no additional information, no hot gossip on the matter.  I am publishing this hub with the sole intention to show how easy it is for the medium of the internet to generate speculation.

Even when people are faced with overwhelming evidence, many are still able to find a glimmer of something else. Photographic evidence is often debunked with claims of fakes or lookalikes so how do you prove that when someone dies, they really did die.  Well without producing grusome post mortem photo's or baffling scientific DNA, you are probably never going to convince many of the believers.


The art of mis-direction

 What tends to happen in many conspiracy theories is an old magicians trick.  Mis-directing the reader away from some of the small but equally important and compelling facts, conspiracies draw in other meatier plausable questions that start a different train of thought.

An example may be, Micheal Jackson has faked his death and was assisted by the government. The governement made arrangements for Micheal to obtain a new identity and live on a remote island near Jamaica.  The stories about the excess spending were a fabrication and part of a long term plot to sell off various parts of his estate in order to set up his secret hide away and fund the rest of his days in obscurity.

This is classic misdirection.  Taking some facts and applying a different, possibly difficult to disprove, alternative and covering over any evidence that he really is dead.  Minor details like that can be glossed over as part of the huge undertaking the government were prepared to involve themselves with.

A constant question that you have to ask when dealing with these theories is "why?"

Ask the question like some five year old at the end of every scentence and you soon start to pick holes in just about every conspiracy theory.

The Cubans assinated Kennedy

 Ok, again, I have no evidence of this and I really don't want to prove this statement. What I want to do is to start to break down a conspiracy.  Why would the Cubans want to assinate a president of a very powerful country? What were some of the other theories that came out? The Soviets...the CIA, the Isrealis, let's face it, they couldn't all of done it and if any one of them did, surely it would have been far easier for the authorities to prove it than to have a huge international cover up.

So why don't people accept the Warren office report into JFK's death.  Because it is far more interesting to read about subterfuge and secrets with hidden plots and twists.  It is more interesting to challenge your brain and investigate your own theory.  Sometimes it helps to blame someone, particularly if you personally feel troubled by the events. Sometimes the truth is a little boring.

Elvis is alive.

 Conspiracy theories are a very interesting subject. They provoke thought and have us question the authorities.  The help us question so called experts but are themselves called into question.  Unfortunately, the bigger the person, the bigger the conspiracy and some just keep on going until the truth really does get buried.

My advice, read the theories, enjoy the stories make your own decision and keep it to yourself.

Have fun and keep it real. 


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    • profile image

      SirDent 8 years ago

      I saw a second hubber over in the bushes.

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 8 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      I heard that Michael was going to use his London concert to the upcoming attempt to eradicate most of the world's population via the H1n1 vaccine. This was reported in the Russian media via a report from their satellite tracking device which showed a highly significant surge of electromagnetic enenrgy at his home, that would have been sufficient to cause a heart attack