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Who will be our next President?

Updated on February 23, 2016

We are down to seven people who may be our next President, and why did we narrow it down to this field of candidates? Last year it started out that we in our country would have a colossal contest between two of the most formidable names in the 21st century politics, the Bush and Clinton families.

Now the Bush dynasty has been ousted by the Republican voters in the first three contests of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. In South Carolina, which was Jeb Bush's last political stand he had his Mom, and former President George W. Bush campaign for him, but it still didn't garner him 10% of the vote in a six person race.

Why has this happened to him? Political pundits question the way his massive war chest was spent incorrectly, or his low key approach to campaigning. Both of these factors played an affect on his dropping out of the race after South Carolina, but the bigger issue in my opinion is that Americans today are tired of politics as usual, and have looked at a phenomena that I would call, I cant stand it no more phenomena! So, what has happened to the Republican party that has caused this?

The Republican voters cant stand that Congress consistently bickers with each other along party lines, and rarely gets anything done. They cant stand the attacks of both parties, which puts our government at a virtual standstill while all elected officials keep making the big money, and with a great pension plan that most of us don't have the luxury of getting.

The voters also cant stand all of the attacks by terrorists around the world, and they want someone who will speak their mind on these issues, and show that out country wont stand for any of this anymore! So, if we cant stand for any of this, what are we looking for?


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