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Who will bell the Cat?

Updated on March 7, 2017

Refugees drifting in the sea!

The vast universe has one supreme controller!

What is the present population of the world? How many species of lives occupy the earth, water and sky? How about the plant kingdom? The vast ocean systems, the deserts, the hills and valleys astonish us to a great extent. No two men are alike. Each one differs in some aspects! As many beings in the world, we observe so many habits, thoughts and behavior. Yes, we can roughly classify things but cannot go deep into each individual being! But there is One, who keep tag of each and every individual, down to the lowest species of insects and worms. Bacteria are a common name but how many kinds are resident in human body? Researchers of science focus on only one aspect of creation or species! When medical education was first started it covered the general aspect of medicines and surgery, but today we have specialists for each and every organ of the body. So many disciplines have evolved and each hospital flaunts much number of specialists in various disciplines and we have to consult only those Doctors who are specialist in their discipline. Even there are many sub divisions in cardiology like cardiothoracic surgeon who specialize in a particular branch of cardiology! If you take Dentists, there are quite a lot of divisions within dentistry which requires a specialist in each such discipline to refer.

Destruction of great cities!

There is only specialization everywhere!

Gone are the days of general practitioners except in village and taluk level. Many towns boast inclusive care with quite a number of Doctors in each discipline available for consultation on appointment. Then a serious question arises for the common man to whom he should approach in case of medical emergencies. Each Doctor refers the case to some specialists in the town; otherwise they will be referred to District headquarters hospitals. As the population grows beyond limits, the number of health problems too increases proportionately. There are so many life threatening diseases recently found in many parts of the world like the Ebola and Zico virus. Unfortunately there is no treatment readily available to tackle the new viruses. Even for AIDS which threaten humanity for the past two decades, there are no satisfactory treatments. The researchers in medicine are still breaking their head to find a course of treatment for the above!

Ethics, money and corruption

Politicians everywhere are greedy lot!

Why this preamble? There is one power which has got answers to all the problems that affect humanity. But he is not seen anywhere in the globe! Our mind or intellect or sense organs can never reach the power! That supreme power alone controls the entire creation and cosmos! Greedy political leaders have threatened world peace by stockpiling many atomic weapons in case of a nuclear war! They are ignorant that in the eventuality of a nuclear war, none will survive on earth. We have witnessed the devastation caused by atom bombs during world war in Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Hope humanity has not forgotten the scenes of 1945. But Japanese are more resilient! In spite of the huge tragedy, they once again built the great cities and left some monuments, photos and other artefacts for the future generation to witness! The leaders have become so callas to deploy such life threatening bombs! Who has given them sanctions to pollute the earth and sky? Why those bombers were not tried in the world court? We beat our chest and proclaim that we are the technological giants! What the technology and invention has brought to humanity? Are they not precious lives? Why the politicians fail to notice the catastrophe caused by their callous behavior? Yes, everyone has to answer the common citizens!

War Crimes.

The UN or Security council could never solve any problems of the common man!

We have the United Nations Security Council. The big powers possess the power to ‘veto’ any concerns of any nations simply since the resolutions won’t help their country! There is no consensus on any of the resolutions. Because they have got the veto power, they could stall even humanitarian concerns and aids! Nowadays, we seriously need leaders who are god fearing, selfless and concerned with the plight of common man everywhere! There is scarcity of water, food, and shelter, clothing and medical aid in many parts of the globe! What those selfish and arrogant leaders are doing about it? They want power and plum posts in government. Sadly around those selfish leaders, many sycophants lead their life for personal gains.

Politics has become a ‘cesspool’ everywhere and only pigs can enjoy living in the cesspool. Everyone must pray for the poor destitute, women and children who are killed in cross fires and terrorism. Many are driven out of their own lands and countries due to terrorism. The poor people are mostly affected. Sitting in air conditioned chamber, the political leaders are driving people insane for their personal aggrandizement. Now the situation has become so serious, no earthly power or forum could question the atrocities committed by them on humanity! Hunger, diseases and people of no land are drifting in the oceans seeking asylum in neighboring countries. Refugee problem has grown to alarming proportions. The UN is helplessly watching the situations amid civil war, ethnic population in countries and peace missions for name sake. Only God alone can interfere in such threatening situation and bring peace and harmony between countries and people. Terrorism must be driven out of the globe! Corrupt politicians must be brought to book and stringent punishments meted out to them! One day, the public will rise against all the negative forces in the globe for sure as it happened during French revolution.


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