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Who Is Mitt Romney and What Does He Believe?

Updated on January 30, 2012

Looking For Information About Mitt Romney

I am a voter and I want to know more about the people who are running for the office of President Of The USA. I do not know Mitt Romney personally, But I do know you can tell a lot about someone when it involves money.Now that Romney made his tax documents for 2010-2011 public, I can see he has no problem giving the Mormon Church $4.1 Million Dollars. Understanding the Mormon Church will give me insight into some of the fundamental beliefs of the man.

Information About The Mormon Church

I went online, Typed in Mitt Romney Mormon Church, WOW! What a jungle filled with prejudices flying all over the place.Then I typed in Mormon Church and I found a site sponsored by the Mormon's titled LDS & Evangelical Conversations

Here Are A Few Doctrines That I Found

Mormons have two parts to salvation, 1st the Telestial Kingdom, everyone goes there when they die, Mormons do not believe there is a Hell. 2nd Celestial Kingdom where mankind become gods, and this can only be achieved thru the Mormon Church

Mormons teach that Jesus had three wives and children.and they claim to have irrefutable evidence to prove it.

Mormons teach that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers.When it came time to redeem mankind, a heavenly tribunal was set up to decide between Jesus and Lucifer

Mormons teach the Heavenly Father lives on a planet. The Heavenly Father was a man and achieved god status by his works.

Mormons teach that the Heavenly Father has children born in heaven as spirits before they are born on earth

Mormons teach that women and their husbands receive salvation to the Celestial Kingdom by a ceremony only through LDS temple

My Summary

I have alot of information about Mitt Romney's political career and with so much information provided by the Mormon Church that is not included in this writing. I know I made a thorough study which will help me when I go to vote.


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    • badpoet81 profile image

      badpoet81 6 years ago

      Thank you for tackling this issue. I am from Utah, and am what you might call an ex-mormon. In considering what the LDS Church teaches and espouses, what Mitt Romney would potentially espouse from his faith, it is important to clarify some of what you have posted. To begin with I will preface that I have no deep seated love for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, nor for Mitt Romney; my purpose for writing this is to provide some clarification to those who are interested in this topic.

      I must take issue with the statement that Mormons believe that Jesus had at least three wives. There are a good many things that have been said over the years by the Churches various leaders that are largely ignored, or not accepted modernly. This statement falls into this category. You will find no where in modern LDS literature that Jesus had at least three wives. This is not something that informs Gov. Romney’s life.

      The other issue that I must take exception on is that of the LDS temple. While it is true that adherents to the LDS Church are reluctant to discuss the particulars of the LDS temple ceremony, the ceremony in its entirety is housed in the Library of Congress, and can be found on the internet. I encourage anyone to not only read the modern temple ceremony, but to also read the older versions, as the older versions still inform LDS faith today. It is fascinating to compare these ceremonies to published records of rites performed by the Free and Accepted Masons.

      All religious institutions evolve over time. It is important to understand that the LDS Church isn’t identical to the LDS Church of the Victorian era. I can vouch that the LDS Church does teach compassion, with mixed success, their perceived value of the nuclear family, civil obedience, baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, and many other cores that are common to most Christian denominations.