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Who Will Win 2012 Presidential Election?

Updated on October 16, 2012

It is 2012, America needs a new president, and that time is right around the corner. Will it be Obama or will it be Romney? Wait, what are their first names again? I forgot. I'm joking.

Well if I were President of United States of America, I would seriously run a civil war against capitol hill. And if I were President, these are just some of the most obvious things that I would definitely clean up, I mean, these topics are just screaming help.

First, I would put America back to work. Second, I would reduce the number of people standing in line for welfare. Third, I would rip apart America's financial systems so that housing can be made more affordable for middle-class Americans. I mean come on, to mortgage a house in America in the 1960's was $500.00. Today, to mortgage a house, it's out to $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 depending on how good the credit report is. And in today's failing economy, the rich are happy as usual, as always, as ever but the middle-class people have to rent a house to live in because they can't afford to mortgage a house.

A civil war will eradicate all of America's problems but a civil war is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

So the solution to run America for the rest of its entirety is simple; reduce unemployment, reduce welfare, and make houses more affordable for Americans to mortgage. Just because the worth of a dollar goes up every year doesn't mean all other factors have to change too for example say an American gets a $10 raise in 2012. Don't go raising the housing market costs' to $50,000.00 in 2012 too.

Who says that people over the age of 50 are useless and companies should hire a younger, college graduate? Who made up that stupid question? We are all human beings and we are not useless! Human beings can be educated to learn any job! It's no wonder is being sued by job applicants because of job positions claiming the job applicant be employed in order to qualify. Again, who made up that stupid question? Why do you need to be employed to even be qualified to apply for jobs on

With all said and done, no matter who will be the next President, and I'm not voting because governments will always be chaotic, America over the next coming years will be ruined to more unemployment, even longer welfare lines, some of the rich people now will be squeezed out into the middle-class, and sadly, the middle-class, the people who run America by waking up everyday and going to work everyday, will be shrunk. Cheers to all the past presidents who put America where it is now because of all the laws that have been passed to allow fraudulent practicing in each and every market that has companies with a stock ticking symbol attached.


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