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In Whom Do We Trust

Updated on March 26, 2013
famine & children from ali_ghanem2 Source:
famine & children from ali_ghanem2 Source:

In Whom Do We Trust

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

How often do we doubt the words of our politicians, our leaders, wonder what is really going on behind the veil of secrecy and behind closed doors? One could feel rather paranoid in relation to what is presented to us as reality and what may actually be, around the world and indeed in our own backyards. Considering the power of media conglomerates to impart information globally, and their affiliations with key political figures, it's no wonder we suffer paranoia, with conspiracy theories a dime a dozen. But is it true or are we becoming so distrusting we need truth to slap us in the face before we even pay attention?

There are a few things in life that we can't dispute, and one of them is we human beings are flawed creatures, imperfect, and with that come the endless possibilities of behaviour and selfish motives. For the most part our world is based on the acquisition of money; the more of it we have the more choices we enjoy and the more power we wield, influence the promotion of self-interest and often at the expense of those with less. 'Survival of the fittest' applies to all creatures on earth, and even more so to we humans, who have through intellect and arrogance, assumed the top of the food chain and with flagrant disregard affected the natural balance of our little blue planet.

Even with huge advancements in technology, for most people on earth survival is the daily focus of concern: poverty, starvation, war, oppression, religious and racial vilification are just some of what people live with, each moment of their day. For these people, considering anything beyond their next meal is counter-productive. For all of us who have found place in affluent societies, it is hard for us to imagine.

Trust has become a sought after commodity in today's world, and for good reason. We don't trust our neighbours, strangers, shop-keepers, and above all politicians, because they have proved to us so often they are unreliable. Abuse, crimes, violence, lies and hatred have become forced food from our media, and through experience on the streets of our own neighbourhoods. In whom do we trust?

Free enterprise is rife with corruption, the web of connections of influence have undermined the halls of power throughout the world, and will continue to do so. While money remains the motivator in society and government, then there will always be those willing to use it for selfish purposes; that is simply the truth.

So what can one do in realising this circumstance is not going to change in a hurry? The answer is perception. If we blindly accept what is told to us without first considering its possible validity, then our inaction is only adding to the lies. Governments can't exist without our approval in a democratic society, so we should exercise our rights and at least become informed as to what our governments are doing. Corruption exists because we allow it to, never questioning what is given to us on a silver platter, what is hammered to us through the media and what comes from the silver-tongued politicians we so allow to exploit us. We cannot simply have faith, but must know from experience what is real and reliable. Governments must prove themselves, and if they are left wanting, replace them with people who are worthy of serving human kind with kindness, dignity and integrity.


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