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Who's Better For America?

Updated on October 23, 2011

Who's Better For America?

Although I'm a registered Democrat, I like to keep an open mind about all the candidates. Originally, John Edwards was my pick. Who knows what scandals he might have brought to the White House. Edwards could have been great! Another Clinton? ; ) After Edwards dropped out, I was at a loss as to which of the Democrats I would then favor. There's Hillary whom I think was definitely presidential material. And then there was Obama. His speeches could inspire anybody and anything. What concerned me early on was the rhetoric on the internet. Again and again I have been blown away by his passion for change. John McCain is just as passionate, but the amazing struggles he's had in war and post-war don't seem to measure up to the struggles McCain had in the first half of his nomination acceptance speech. There was one incident of someone completely disrupting his speech. But McCain had a difficult time battling the sometimes rowdy crowd as well. The second half of his speech which happen to be the heart of his campaign, about his life-long service, was very inspiring. His passion really came through there. The first half of McCain's speech really showed his age and how he's not the best person to be reading a a speech off a tele-prompter. I'm undecided about what I think of Joe Lieberman, whom spoke at my college graduation in 1992 as a devoted Democrat. The first time I watched Obama's nomination acceptance speech was after watching McCain's speech. Honestly, I think either candidate would do a fine job for the next 4 years. Although McCain's VP scares me. They're starting to look like Cheney/Bush all over again. Palin even mentioned her ticket as the 'Palin/McCain' team in a recent speech. Scary! She just might shoot McCain for the presidency. She's a better shooter than Cheney. Palin also loves oil. Sound familiar? Sarah Palin believes that there should never be abortions unless the mother's health is at risk. Isn't a rape victim's mental state at risk? McCain already lost out to Bush 8 years ago. Personally, I'm thinking about the next 8 years, not 4 years. During the Primaries, I kept waiting for a big report showing evidence of Obama associated with something horrible from his past. Neither the McCain campaign or the Clinton campaign released anything remotely bad about Barack Obama. He must be the genuine visionary who's going to lead America and the World back to healing and connecting each other and Americans to America. There is no question in my mind that come November I will be voting for Barack Obama as President of the United States. Won't you?


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