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Updated on June 9, 2016

Why do I have to consent to the comfort of others? Where is the law stating I have to be comfortable with someone wearing garments that cover their face, garments preventing me from identifying a person? Why do I have to accept Muslim faith and accept it? Who accepts my faith? Is anyone standing up for me?

Call me racist, prejudiced... Call me what you want, but I am patriotic, I am an American, a proud American and I do not have to change for anyone else. I do not see anyone standing up for my rights, I do not see college funds for only white people, that is considered racist. I was born in America, to a family that fought for America. Tell me why I have to be politically correct, give up my guns, make sure no one gets hurt feelings... Why? Who are you to tell me what to feel, what to say? What happened to America?

When did we start feeling we had to please everyone? If you come to America, learn English, follow our laws. And let's start being patriotic. Become proud again America!!!


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