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Whos To Actually Blame For The Orlando Shooting.

Updated on June 17, 2016

Muslim protesters rallying to support the LGBT community and the orlando shooting victims and families.

Different community's come in support of the orlando mass shooting
Different community's come in support of the orlando mass shooting

Who's Actually Responsible For Americas largest Massacre?

The LGBT community has been put on the back burner in America's society for decades. In just the last year almost 100+ anti-LGBT laws were passed in America in states like North Carolina , Tennessee, and Mississippi. One of the most recent laws passed called the "Bathroom Bill" which keeps transgender people from using the bathroom of their identity. Yet we solely blame the middle east for the hateful crimes against the American community.
The recent shooting in Orlando Florida carried out by an Omar Mateen at a gay night club called "Pulse" erupted protests all across America. This made many Americans show their true colors all across the united states.Many Christians started blaming the LGBT community itself on the recent shooting saying comments like "god has punished you heed his wrath". It seems as if a multitude of Conservative Christians are using the shooting to set blame on the LGBT community and to make them feel as if they were responsible for this horribly undignified act of hate.

In contrast, many LGBT community members are blaming conservative Christians for the Orlando massacre setting a precedent saying that " we don't want your hypocritical prayers. You led the fight against the LGBT people. you promote this everyday".

Americans are also blaming the religion Islam and Innocent middle easterners for this senseless act all across the country. Even though many muslims do not align with the radical terrorist group isis we still seem to find blame in a culture centered around peace with a few radical hateful beings

It seems as if everyone looking for someone to blame for the Orlando Massacre, but who's the person that deserves it the most? You would think it would be the person who committed this horrible act , omar mateen. But as Americans it seems as if we can't be satisfied with one person taking the blame and decide to turn against each other in a time where we should all be coming together. So question yourself, whos to actually blame.


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    • iggy7117 profile image

      Vince 14 months ago from New Jersey

      The shooting was a muslim terrorist that shot up a gay nightclub, why are Christians even getting pulled into it. The suspect called the police during the act and claimed allegiance to isis, then isis claims credit for the shooting. It is clear to me who is to blame, a peaceful religion does not kill each other for thousands of years and then turn on Americans because of our way of life.

      The Christians may not agree with the gay lifestyle but they do not throw them off of roofs and shoot them.

      I am not a hateful person and I do not want to see anyone dead, this is just my opinion and I have many of them. I do not claim to be right or wrong, I make decisions from my morals and what I see.

      I do feel a new islamic tactic is to get into Americans minds and make them fight amongst themselves, with the president as a major participant.