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Why Afghanistan Wont Accept Taliban Again

Updated on May 31, 2016

When under the new elected government of Afghanistan, the American troops were signed back for their assistance, some people raised the unreasonable question of why America needs to stay in Afghanistan.The problem is that regardless of what behind the scene politics exist, if America goes away it means Taliban comes back. The consequences of getting America out of Afghanistan is too harsh that any wise government would want to sign the deal up.

Why Taliban are no more accepted in Afghanistan. I would share my personal view giving a little idea of how things used to be at the time of Taliban in Afghanistan and would conclude on why we should never let the ideology to rule once again.

Economy of Afghanistan in Taliban's era

When I used to visit Kabul in Taliban's era we only had notes of 500, 1000, 10000 and above because 1000 Afghani actually meant one Afghani. the only jobs were agriculture and the one to survive the country the rest were all in Madrassa or rulers who would look after if everyone is working upt the Islamic law. no banks of course which meant no financial institutions. Almost everyone wanted to sell their properties but they could only sell it with the least bidding for quite valuable properties. No investment but only aids. The idea was to make the economy as per the centuries ago when Islam was newly embraced i-e to survive a life. No concept of innovation or development at all. after all those are not the obligations of Islam.

Education in Afghanistan at the time of Taliban

The only opened educational institutes were the state institutes that never stopped working. No quality plus no girls. that did though helped in somehow to a very little extent work for the neccessities of a society like it generated doctors. The education as a whole was not supported, since science was more of a non-believer thingy. Believers only believe on what is made and do not ask about it. This concept prevailed to make a whole generation grow without education.girls were only permitted to get primary education of the holy book and the religion in madrassas.

Women in Taliban reign

The special type of covering that could cover your body as well as face and eyes were obligatory for all the women of 12 yrs and above. they were not supposed to wear heels or go out without a Mehram man. and of course no official jobs but only the once that concerned women and their awareness.


Music was forbidden with all the rest of the things that included television, radio or anything like that. At the time of prayers everyone was supposed to be in the mosque or groups would check over the places to see if anyone have yet not closed their shops or are not going to the mosque for the prayer. They could have been flogged or jailed for that. Men were supposed to grow their beards if they dint they could be jailed for not growing beards. Any extra marital affair caught would be stoned to death. But their was peace because any robbery caught, the hands of the robbers would be cut in a public place to demotivate the act. ofourse you couldn't questions about religion you can only believe.

As a system the Taliban couldn't impress the public probably that is the reason that when Taliban left people changed really soon. The effect of such a fundamentalist government was soon crashed. Not forgetting to mention you would hardly in fact i doubt if you would find even a single madrassa to be built in the era of Taliban, not even a single institute or a road, not even a little struggle for the concept of development and how could they when they dint even believed in development or better lives. No sewage system or electricity or gas or anything for done for the infrastructure of the region. Their weren't even people who would want to work for all that because there was no profit and no opportunity.

But i wouldn't say that all the Afghan Taliban were barbarians not the common ones. They were people like us who would follow the pattern because that was how life was supposed to be for them, because that is how they would live. They were people who would devotedly believe in the religion and their concepts holding them to be true for life. The last time when America attacked Afghanistan we were in Afghanistan for our vacations. Everyone was very scared and I dint realized at that time why is that so because i was too young at that time. We were in our flats. In our neighbors lived one of Taliban and they left the place before America could attack I still remember his daughter Saima and son Naveed. We used to play a lot in the stairs of the our building and they weren't monsters for sure. they were people like us. I would even help them fetch water to their flat while they would do the same to us. The problem is that blind belief is the most manipulative thing in the world and the simplicity of people could be very nicely used for any dirty plans. the heads play the plans while i think the rest are just being played for their sheer devotion and ignorance. There shouldn't be any doubt on the fact that the ideology they hold is not practical or reasonable or constructive for a society. Either it would create devoted, ignorant and easily manipulated people or it would create reckless, manipulative dirty players.

Taliban shouldn't be accepted because we need to move on, to get better, to live a life and be humans. Innovating, creating and struggling for a better life is in us and stopping that means stopping life. Stopping more than half of your population(women) from the affairs of the society,stopping business activities and posing ideology on humans by force is not going to work out for any society. Afghans changed so soon after Taliban without taking much affect of the system because the system wasn't good enough. Taliban failed Afghanistan and so did their ideology. We want to educate and know God with our light minds not dark and ignorant minds, we want to trade and business and we want to build our houses and schools and feed our poor, We want electricity and internet and we have our cultural music and colorful heritage to carry on.

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